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What the Colonial masters did is coming to haunt their co-religionists!

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20,000 Christians threaten to revert to Hinduism
Friday March 28 2008 10:01 IST

VILLUPURAM: Exposing the deep-seated animosities and divisions within the fold, over 20,000 caste Christians of Eraiyur village have threatened to revert to Hinduism unless a seperate parish was provided to the Dalit Christians there.

A parish in Eraiyur village was devastated by violent clashes between two groups a fortnight ago. It all started with the Arch Bishop Antony Anandarayar permitting Dalit Christians to undertake a funeral procession on Church Road, a privilege they have been denied for more than a century. Amidst tight security the procession was taken out.

Protesting against this, the caste Christians have boycotted prayer sessions at the St Rosary Church for the past three days.

Anandarayar assured that none would be discriminated in church on any ground and this has not gone well with the caste Christians who have accused the bishop of not considering the sentiments of the majority. They have also stated that by the decree an age-old custom and tradition has been broken.

Meanwhile, Anandarayar has stated that politics and caste must not be allowed in Christianity and that such instances would affect peace in the village.

The caste Christians have wanted the Arch Diocese to provide a separate Parish to the Dalit Christians, who had set up St Sahaya Madha Church in the Dalit colony.

A total of 20,000 Vanniya Christians have threatened to revert to Hinduism if the Diocese ignores their demand. In this regard a memorandum has been submitted to the District Collector, DRO, RDO and Arch Diocese, Puducherry and Cuddalore.
The Colonialists introduced the hate politics among varnas by splitting them into smithereens. Their religious zealots decided on converting the colonial subjects for one idol (jesus) from another (Shiva). Now the neo Christian convertees are saying they can reconvert for the old idol (fed up with the new?!).

The Hindus have to rescue the varnas from the decimation of split introduced by the colonialists. The secuarist successors are pursuing the same putrid policy of the their colonial masters. Our vimochanam lies in overthrowing this fancied idea of secularism that is suffocating us. Secularism is the 'sharia' of the Christains. To hell with it!
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