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What poem is this? and who wrote it?

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The last couple of days this poem I learned in my high school has been on my lips but unfortunately I have forgotten who wrote it or where to find the full copy of the poem. I have googled it but could not find it. Hopefully someone in this community can help me. The poem is about the coming monsoon. The lines I remember go like this

Aaatru vellam naalai vara thotruthe kuri
Malayala minnal eezha minnal soozha minnuthe

...kombu sutri kaatru adikuthe
Keni neerpadu sorithavalai koopidukuthe

setru nandu setrai kuzai.....the..adaikuthe
......vaanam padi aaduthe

If you remember the poem/song could you please post it here or send it to me?

I think it is from நாஞ்சில் சுந்திரம் பிள்ளையின் மனோன்மணியம் நூலிலிருந்து Needs confirmation. Or திரிகூட ராஜப்ப கவிராயரின் குற்றாலகுறவஞ்சி Jambu:confused:
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Dear Usha Muthu Thanks for confirming. I have read this some 55 years ago and still remember these lines Senility has not taken root yet in me. The author திரிகூட ராஜப்ப கவிராயர் ? Jambu:ohwell:
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Dr. Jambunathan and Usha Muthu,
Thanks for your input. Will look it up.

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