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What makes these false gods tick?

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How true of the author - "What makes these False Gods Tick"

Here is a brief write up on "What makes these false gods tick?"

Hi Mr. Pannvalan,

I read through your article and totally subscribe to your thought. These modern swamijis are all self proclaimed 'mahans' attaining such position by mere distraught mob who have no peace and solace in life. And why do these people have no peace - It is because they indulge in worldy affairs to such a great extent that they do not have 15 minutes in the morning and evening to have a direct conversation with God. This direct conversation is what i call as ' Prayers'. I pray daily and so taking the permission to qoute that once we start praying and thanking God for all that he has given us. we will feel at bliss. One has to just lock himself/ herself up in a Puja room and spend a one to one with God. He/She will get answers from within and this is the answers of God within us.
How many people even have a Puja room built in the modern flats that they purchase. There is space for huge bedrooms, verandahs, sprawling living rooms, but not space for a small puja room.
Have we conqured the Lord Almighty that we do not need him any more? Have we seen success to such an extent that we feel it is our own creation?
One should remeber that not a leaf can move without HIS ordain. Once the 'Godly man seekers' start believing this and start the practice of chanting slokas, mantras at home as a daily ritual, they can slowly realize that they do not need any more Godmans and they have their own beloved Lord who will take care of them.
Lord Krishna has said - " Reach me and tell me and leave it to me. I shall take care when time comes and I know when to". Please believe in this.


Rajeev Narayan K
Sri Pannvalan,

Is it your own thought?

It is really wonderful analysis of exploiting the weakness of gullible devotees.

Please continue to publish such articles.

All the best
Well said Sri Rajeev Narayan ji,

I believe in the same lines of yours. I am a bachelor, living in Dubai and still I spent minimum 20 minutes in wee hours of every morning without fail to link myself with the almighty for mystic communication with the God and seek his blessings. Though I don't have specific provision for prayers, standing in the balcony with closed eyes and imagining myself being in a pooja room, in front of the God with full alangaaram, my prayers are up to my satisfaction and gives me immense pleasure and peace of mind.

As you said, I feel many of my feelings, emotions, obstacles, hindrances, pain and sufferings were addressed to by the God through my conscious. This makes my every day and helps me to keep going without loosing myself at any given circumstances.
Dear Sir,

While your write-up is good, let me point out that some aspects of the so-called god-men/god-women, which you have included therein, do not appear to be causes which 'make them tick'. Like, for example,

[FONT=&quot]5. They love wide publicity and media glare[/FONT]: I think the correct position is that these godmen/godwomen need wide publicity and media coverage as an essential requisite for their undertaking to succeed. It is not that psychologically they may be attuned to it.

[FONT=&quot]6. They appoint their own kith and kin at all important positions: [/FONT]This is not universally true. Take the case of Satya Sai Baba or Mata Amritanandamayi, their relations are not in all important positions.

[FONT=&quot]7. They establish contacts with people at very high places: [/FONT]
This is only partly correct. The rich and influential people do tend to flock to such godmen/godwomen for a variety of reasons such as, (i) getting publicity for themselves as noble and religious-minded, at least among the devotees of that particular godman/godwomen, (ii) parking their black income safely, (iii) getting the help of the godman/godwoman in making contact with influential politicians, government authorities, etc. Hence, once a godman/godwoman, swamiji, establishes himself/herself somewhat in the public, he/she will get high connections automatically.

[FONT=&quot]10. They live a lavish and modern life[/FONT]
This is not what makes these people tick. But they enter into this venture for leading a very lavish life-style. I can cite one real instance; in an enggagement ceremony in one relative's house, two ladies were talking. The first one told the other that she was going to the Ashram of one famous Guru situated very near to that house and asked whether the other lady wished to join. The second lady replied (I am giving in Tamil) "......avanA. en tampiyODu friend -aa irundavan taane avan. jOliyonnum kiDaikkaama alanjuNTiruntAn. Suddha pompiLai poRukki, rascal, avanayA guru, giru ennellaam chollaREL? nAn Avatu avane pArukka vaRatAvatu". I do not know whether the said younger brother is also like the guru, but the guru is indeed having a very high-class life.
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