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What is your opinion on Fate?

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ஆழ அமுக்கி முகக்கினும் ஆழ்கடல்நீர்
நாழி முகவாது நால்நாழி - தோழி
நிதியும் கணவனும் நேர்படினும் தத்தம்
விதியின் பயனே பயன்
- ஒளவையார்


Greetings. an explanation to that poem would have been much helpful. I don't want to guess the meaning. I can't imagine Avvayaar reinforcing fate. When we are tired from continous efforts, it is easy to blame it on the fate and accept the outcomes; but, we should take a break from our efforts and try hasrder with recharged batteries.

In my opinion only the uninitiated blame fate. Looking around it is quite evident that sometimes we try so hard but still don't achieve the results we expect. Those times "fate" comes as a solace because it deals with dealing with the "uncontrollable". It can always be used as an excuse for the "lazy" but the problem here is with "laziness" and not fate. It also has a close relationship with sayings like "கடமையை செய். பலனை எதிர்பார்க்காதே" or "Do your best and leave the rest to god". As long as efforts are continuous and goal oriented, fate can still be factored in because it is still not going to stop the efforts. Fate is more like a medicine to give solace. Sometimes believing in fate yields positive results as well. I have come across a few people who tried certain lines of business, failed and thought they were not fated to be in that business and tried other lines and succeeded. I think that is how one should regard fate. That is how the concept of "free-will" works in fate.
Not open for further replies.

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