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what is kaliyuga

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Dear sriniranga Ji,

Please let me know why you are asking this question. I saw your posting elsewhere in this Forum about Kali yuga. What is your idea that requires the answer to your question?

i want to learn the glories of yugas.. so this is the yuga where we are living... let i will learn first...pls let me know is all the relateg yugas stories are available @ where available... is bagavatham consist of all yuga stores of yuga and glories of god vishnu..


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Dear Sri Sriniranga Ji,

Iam attaching herewith a citation about the four yugas:


But please understand that God Vishnu is representing only one part of the triumvirate, representing the birth, sustenance and the eventual destruction of a Brahma cycle.

Irrsespective of what the Yugas' charecteristics are, the human beings hold the same Truth across. Just because one is born in this Yuga (which is Kali, by most reckonings) that does not absolve one of doing one's Dharma or the objective of seeking Moksha.

Remember, we believe in after lives. So, depending on the spiritual evolution, you or I may have been born in other Yugas as well.

Vishnu is an Ishwara (personal God). While celebrating His glorious Dharma to protect life on this Universe while it lasts, let us also pause a minute to remember the creator (Brahma) and the would be destroyer (Shiva). Because they all represent the laws of Prakrithi: Creation, Sustenance and Destruction. And Creation again.......

Dear Sri sriniranga Ji,

You seem to have descended from Acharya Ramanuja's Parambarai (correct me if I am wrong). My suggestion would be for you to pick up a book on Acharya Ramanuja's treatise on Srimad Bhagavad Gita and read it first.

Meditation is very important. But you must first prepare yourself by reading about some of our easier to understand religious literature. (I assumed that you have already read the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha - if you have not, please start there first and then you can go to Srimad Bhagavad Gita).

Sri Radheykrishna, the base unit(B) is commonly considered to be 432,000 human years. Kali has 1xB, Dvapara 2xB, Treta 3xB and Krta 4xB. This yields:

Krta - 1,728,000
Treta - 1,296,000
Dvapara - 864,000
Kali - 432,000

Kaliyuga started with Srikrishna ascending back to Vaikuntha some five thousand years ago. This is still the first quarter of Kaliyuga(kaliyuge prathame paade in the sankalpa). After Kali, it goes back to Satyayuga and the cycle continues. A thousand such cycles of the four yugas form a Kalpa, a day in the life of Brahma. Brahma's night, Pralaya, is of equal duration. Brahma lives thus for a hundred (Brahma) years and then merges back into Vishnu. The present Brahma - and thus the current universe - is said to have completed fifty years and is in the first day of his fifty first year. This day is known as Shvetavaraha Kalpa, the day in which Srinarayana took the form of a white boar(to address Hiranyaksha). It is said that Sri Brahma feels his day go by at the same rate we feel our days go by. Thus we have stories about kings like Muchukunda who fight a year in heaven and return to earth only to find that millions of years have passed and the last traces of their family have long vanished.
Radhey Krishnaa:
namaskaram, thanks to Mr. Kaivalyam ji,this doubt is my mind for several years, thank you for clarifying it.

by looking for a new friendship
Radhey krishnaa.
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