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What is Golu and why?

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Hi Rahul

My few cents worth on this..

Golu is an artisitic display of dolls during the Navrathri feastival. This is done mostly by Tamil brahmins. The dolls( mostly wooden but can also be made of plastic , metals these days) are placed on odd numbered steps made of wood/metal. The dolls generally depict Hindu Gods in line with tradition but one can see very inootvative theme based add-on displays these days.

There are some mythological significances of Golu as I understand.

a. The dolls depict Gods and Goddesses praying for Parvati Devi when she was doing penance for betraying Lord Shiva by attending the Daksha Yagna

b. The dolls represent the assembly of Durga Devi who killed the demon Mahishasura on Vijayadashami day

One more signifance is that this festival gives an opportunity for musicians, craftsmen and other artists to express their creativity

Above all, the Golu represents the spiritual truth of Sat-Chit-Anandam

I have enjoyed arranging golu dolls and managing to tell the kids about various mythological stories even by being in USA. I found a few rare dolls that we get only in tamil nadu at navarathri.com. They gave me a discount coupon too when i mailed them.
they also arrange golu competitions each year at navarathri.org
Dear friend,

As opposed to your proclaiming yourself as a defunct brahmin, I would like to call myself a 'practising" brahmin (what ever little possible) firstly because of my grounding and secondly because of my personal interset to seek a 'final answer" to existence.

What I have gathered from various sources,is that golu signifies human evolution. Even in the golupaddi there is a tatvam involved. At the lowest level vegetables and fruits must be kept. Then the lower forms of insects and animals. Then great humen beings like Buddha, Gandhi etc. Finally the avatars. This symbolises the human effort to achieve self-realisation.

The other aspects like making-a sundal-a-day,wearing new clothes and performing arts like music and dance are only peripheral.

The important aspect is the Devi mahatmay paranam if one can retort to it. This also signifies only one thing. Victory of good over evil.

Sundaresan Suersh
My father once said, when the Silpis were jobless after constructing the big temple, they needed jobs nd approached the king and the king in order to support them, advised his citizens to take care of these silpis who rendered great jobs for his kingdom. They the citizens exhibited Golu and purchased the mud Bommais.
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