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what is for dinner?

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somanathan Iyer

Active member
Husband to wife : Honey, what is for dinner?

Wife : Tell me what you want.

Husband : Make Pulao

Wife : we had it two days back only

Husband : Make Sabji, Roti

Wife : Children won't like it.

Husband : Then Chole puri?

Wife : That will be heavy for me.

Husband : Why don't we go for Egg bhurji?

Wife : Today is Saturday

Husband :Then make Parathe

Wife : Who will eat it for dinner.

Husband : Then don't do anything. Let's order from Hotel.

Wife : Your health will be spoiled by eating hotel food.

Husband : OK make idli, sambar.

Wife : Its time consuming. You should have told earlier.

Husband : Then we will go for maggi. It won't take much time.

Wife : Who will have it as a meal? You can't eat it fully.

Husband ( losing his cool) : Then what else you are going to prepare?

Wife ( smiling) As per your wish.

Actually this was a forwarded mail to me in Hindi with beautiful pictures of all the food items mentioned along with
images of husband and wife. But unfortunately I could not post it as such, as the images are restricted to four only.
Not open for further replies.

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