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What is an Eclipse, clarifications in need

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The eclipse is a disorder that affects the magnetic force that is blowing continuously on Earth. The Lunar Eclipse can be refer as a gastric problem that affects the movement of the air in the body, and Solar eclipse can be refer as a blood disorder where the flow of Iron from the Sun is blocked.

When the Eclipse occurs in South Pole it affects Earth particularly sea current that brings Earthquake and Tsunami and if it happens in North pole it brings wind and hurricane.

The Vedic poets says each eclipse in three colors. Black, red and white.

Mr.Swami Kannu Pillai in his "Indian Ephemeris Vol I P 136 says in 87th day of A.D.1 the distance from the Sun and Node 3.41 deg.

So before analyzing the effects the distance between Sun, Moon and Earth should be calculated and from this we can calculate the wide of the shade that Moon creates during eclipse. The shadow is the one that sucks the magnectic force
In Tamil Nadu Brahmin's Panchangam 2011-2012 Page No 32 mentions about a lunar eclipse at Dhanur Rasi on 15th June 2011. But in page No 5 it mentions as Suddha Pournami/ On June 15th the Sun is at Rishabham/ Mithunam, whereas the Moon is at Dhanusu. Only when Moon and Sun coincides with other two planets (Sun. Moon. Rahu/ Kethu., and ay other planet) it can be considered as eclipse when Sun is at Mithunam and Moon is at Dhanusu how this is identified as eclipse?
In the same panchanga Page No 17 quotes about Lunar Eclipse. Where sun, sukran. bhudan and Rahu stays and the Moon moves in. So this is a Lunar eclipse.

Will any one explain?
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