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What does "Nanban" tell us?: Discard Religious FATALISM and Listen to Your Heart!

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What does "Nanban" tell us?: Discard Religious FATALISM and Listen to Your Heart!

Dear ALL:

Finally, I get to finish watching Shankar's "Nanban" movie (originally done by Aamir Khan as "Three Idiots" in Hindi).

I liked it very much (now I miss dear Kunjuppu: he would have given a thorough Review on this. He is on a long Strike!).

The Scriptwriter is touching very many issues ingrained in India's educational philosophy and Society's pre-occupation of God & Religion and all the traditions that go with it.

Most importantly, the Religious FATALISM, and not listening to our REAL interest when we choose the higher education.

The line "if AR Rahman's father wanted him to be a cricket batsman or Sachin Tendulkar's dad wanted him to be a Music Director" was very relevant and very instructive.

Personally, since I am a Science, Engineering & Technology person, I favor students getting into professions as Engineers, Scientists, IT professionals etc... but, I told my kids to choose "Whatever they want to pursue in their own life: Literature, Arts, Science or Engineering".

My daughter got into Economics Major and Pre-Med Minor at Cornell; finally she became a physician with MD.

My son chose to go to Stanford for two reasons: He was not sure whether he would like to go to Engineering or Medicine or Computer Science (for all of which Stanford is the powerhouse, besides Sports, which he wants to watch every week!). Finally, he majored in Human Biology, and wants to pursue an MD + PhD combo degree at Harvard, if possible!

I urge you all to watch "Nanban" and think about the Issues it raises, and the Solutions it provides!


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