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Western Plan To Break India Exposed

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Everyone must read this book:

Breaking India | By: Rajiv Malhotra & Aravindan Neelakandan
Listen to all of the videos here:

Hindu Unity Day: Dallas August, 2011 - YouTube want to start a discussion on this. This is a very serious issue.

Hi Sankar:

Please make YOUR case for the so-called Western Plan to Break India.

Do you believe in Conspiracy Theories?

I don't.. India has very many faultlines, naturally built in..

People are naturally angry over the Status Quo.. they may revolt and break India up...

A Natural Phenomenon... we don't need anyone else for that to happen!

More later...


why are you having 2 threads with the same topic?

you can ask praveen to merge them, if these two threads serve the same purpose. thank you.

otherwise, plse explain my query. thanks.
its disgusting to read comments about india by ex-indians
prasad,i wrote i am disgusted,not PIO being denigrated.I have a right to my opinion,thats all.Please dont feel sorry,as i have no intention of taking anything out of you ,provided there is anything inside :).HaVE A GOOD ONE MATE.
Why would the West care about Indian when they have China to worry about? The west is notoriously short-sighted.

And why has nobody written about the Chinese plan to break India? If we are not on the radars of the Chinese, then we are too insignificant to be "broken" by the west.
Not open for further replies.

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