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Weekend Reflections

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Another week has gone by.

Very eventful.

Odd even car policy making for much needed entertainment.Never seen delhi so disciplined.

Temperature suddenly crashing to 15 degrees celsius maximum sending shivers. This year winter has started just now it appears. All traders of geysers , hot air

blowers have had no takers so far in december. Power consumption has dropped by 800 MW from 4600 to 3800MW. No power cuts.Low power bills.

There is a slump in the market . Demand has slackened for consumer articles like soaps ,detergents. Only food prices are holding with pulses leading the list.

Hindustan unilever came out with dismal results confirm plummeting rural demand . even hair care and body lotions have not risen much. They are transferring

money from general reserve to working capital and trying also to reward share holders. They are trying to increase sales volume by cutting prices and more

Ad. spends.

There is an economic down turn. No exports .Import show no signs of picking up . I do not know if we are heading for a depression like 2008.Rupee has

breached Rs 68 to dollar.Only all are shouting start ups in technology space .

Is it going to another bubble like dotcom?

What make me happy?

Micheal Caine an oscar wining Actor, 82 years who has been married for 43 yearsisgiving out reason for a happy marriage. Separate bathrooms for himself and

his Guyanese wife Shakira.He say he need more space in the bathroom than a corner for his shaving things and others.I could empathise with him.

He says his marriage to Patricia Haines failed because , he did not realise that one needs not have to marry if one falls in love. He found that his wife was more

talented than him and He became a drop out and a failure.His wife bearing a child was the last straw that broke his weak camels back.He walked out of that marriage..

I also liked Comedian GrouchoMarx remark about marriage who said' It just feels like yesterday and you know what an awful day yesterday was'.lol

All the above gems on marriage are from'Mail today' of jan 16.
I frankly do not know how many youngsters are going to ruin their life chasing their start up dreams.

I read about someone renovating old buildings in metros and making them good for modern offices for start ups who can rent flexibly deciding on number of seats they

require..He offers to share spaces between start ups besides offering virtual offices for start ups working from home.

Banks [read PSBs] will lend to them on govts directions and end up with more NPAs.

A greater scam in the offing?
I saw jothikas film 36 on jaya TV yesterday.

She portrayed a middle aged woman of 36 years having sacrificed her all for child and husband is abandoned by both as husband does not want daughter to be like her.

She rediscovers herself by proving her self worth by growing organic foods on her house terrace and motivating other ladies to join her in the enterprise.

Though the basic thinking that women should be just not house wives hanging on children and husband and getting treated badly in return , the idea that she should

grow organic food instead of joining husband and child when they really miss her and want her later sounded bizarre.

The cause of promoting organic food as a expression of self worth sounded stupid .

A film worth enjoying as it was different from the ones we normally watch
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