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Wedding Planners who operate in Iyer style/ Brahmin style

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Hello friends last week i was very nervous because i am serching a best wedding planner for my sister marriage so really i was found a best wedding plannes that is in2event which is one of the best wedding planner in delhi so i advice you if you make party in bugets then you can contact in2events.in they proves really helpful you.
The easy way out for you would be is to get in touch with yellowpages/just dial and ask for wedding planners.

Then talk to them and find out if they do a brahmin style wedding.

Most of us do not use a wedding planner. We get our hands dirty and do almost all the things by ourselves. Thats how it has been done so far.

As far as my knowledge is concerned any professional wedding planner should be able to do any style of wedding.
Dear IM,

The brahmin marriages these days are just 2 and a half day affairs. In villages it used to be a celebration with many days of preparations. In villages we used to arrange the shamiana man for putting up a grand pandal in front of the house. Then the vandikkaran would be asked to bring fresh river-sand to be spread in the pandal. Then making applam for the marriage used to be a very elaborate kutchery by itself. The dough used to be distributed to many houses and in each house a few women would be making the appalams. A lot of singing and merriment used to accompany such appalak kutcheries. The relatives will start arriving at least a week ahead and with children running around making a lot of noise it used to be a memorable event for every one. But coming to your requirement in the present times:

When I arranged a marriage here, I gave everything to my caterer who took care of catering, decoration, thampoola bag, mat, manohar thengai, paruppu thengai,flowers, gas cylinders, Vadhyar, Vadhyakkaran, pakshanangal including seer murukku, thirattuppaal, nalangu thengai(in brass)-in short everything for a marriage. You can try it with your caterer. If the marriage is going to be in Chennai I would recommend Annakutty Padmanabhan who is a dependable caterer who does a nice job. He also takes up catering in sabhas in Chennai during the December music season. If you want I can give you his contact Number.
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