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Web admin - thanks ! but still not resolved - details passed to third parties

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Generally, threads like these are addressed in private via emails...

But let me clarify to all others also...

Tamilbrahmins.com is a public website, meaning that anyone can see what you have posted, i repeat, what you have posted. So if you have given your name, phone number publically, then everyone can see it.

So it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not give out any personal information in public. If you do give, then it is your decision and as the administrator, i cannot do anything about it. It is simply your decision.

Private messaging system is one way where details such as name, phone number etc... can be shared in private.

Coming to your query, you must understand the way internet works.

All websites are crawled by various search engines like Google. These search engines store the information they collect and show it whenever people search for it.
Likewise there are websites that also "crawl" other websites and store information.

TamilBrahmins.com do not PASS/SHARE any such information. What you post is what these sites store.

As to your query, if you click on the link that comes up in google, you can see it has been deleted based on your request. For it to be removed from google takes a bit of time and i suggest you to wait.

as to that wallpaper site, i cannot see the page that you are mentioning so it is not possible for me to verify it.

If you do not want anyone to know your "personal details" just dont give it in the first place.
If you post them in public, it will be seen by all. Please understand that.

Currently all your posts are deleted as you wanted. So none of ur information will be seen. search engines will refresh their database on their own and remove the information.

At no point in time TamilBrahmins.com shares your information with anyone else. Period.

If you are still not satisfied, i can simply delete your account permanently and erase all your posts.

And i would appreciate if you also stop the barrage of emails. I currently have 25 emails from you on the same issue.

this matter is considered closed now.
Thanks to web admin and kindly erase all my posts !

Web Admin !

I could understand what u r trying to convey !

It would be good to erase all my posts till date !

But I would like to maintain my profile in this community !


Not open for further replies.

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