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Weak mind/balanced mind and strong mind

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well said Mr AVV Rajagopal; controlling mind is the best; so, medidate; medidation helps everyone in many ways
weak mind

Can you tell me what is exactly meditation:lock1: . Concentrating on something for some hours are relaxing our mind. I also want to meditate but when I close my eyes so many unwanted things appears in my mind and is not able to concentrate:blah:. Is there any simple way to do meditate daily. Is sleeping a good meditation?
Hi Ramanathan,
Just focus your breathing for some time. Various thoughts may arise. Dont let go your mind with that thought, instead inquire to whom this thought came. The answer would be for you, then ask who am I. by repeatedly doing this, thoughts will subside. This is the Self-inquiry technique given by the Great sage of Arunachala 'Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi'. Actually in one of the books i read, breathing should be watched until it stops. then practice self inquiry.
Mr Ramanathan, well said Mahesh Ram. there are many ways to medidate. I say from my own experience. to begin with, close both the ears with thumb fingers; you should not hear outside sound but you should hear only sound from inside yr body; count 20 to begin with. Mr.Ramanathan you must be a TB. even doing Gayatri japam while doing sandyavandanam itself a medidation. I understand mind will wandeer, runs like more than bullet train. bring Goddess Gayatri in front of you while doing Gayatri japam. the picture will move away; try to bring it back. Honestly, while I do 108, not even 20 to 30 times I could concentrate but dont loose heart. I dont loose heart. you see I conduct Laughter Club in California where I live most of the year. we do exercise head to toe, various types of yoga, laughter yoga. every exercise, yoga benefits some part of the body. you see, everything depends upon practise. if you give me yr email ID I will emil the list of exercises that we do. on everything medidation is excellent but practise alone will perfect you. there is second opinion
Actually our mind goes through all these 3 phases when we face a situation.
It is not strictly demarcated into weak,balanced and strong.
In fact sometimes there is an overlap of all three.

When we are facing a problem..its the Manas portion of the mind that come into picture where we are in an indecisive see saw and in a state of Volition.
This can be loosely described as the "weak mind" state.

Next the Buddhi portion of the mind comes into play to make a final decision and Viveka plays an important role here.
Viveka is the discriminative faculty that makes us differentiate right from wrong and this faculty differs from individual to individual.

A strong state of mind need not always be a balanced state of mind...cos some people can be strong yet ruthless.

The ultimate goal of any spiritual endeavor is to attain a balanced mind..Samadhi(Sama=Equal ,Dhi=Mind) and to get a control of our mind and be the masters of our mind and not let us be a slave to our mind/senses.

I like how Sathya Sai Baba describes this :If you can make your mind a
Die-Mind you can shine like a Diamond.
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honestly Mr Ramanathan I am not the one who can teach medidation. only practise(sadhana) will help anyone. I dont mind emailing you the list of exercises we do. but those exercises will not help in medidation. but it will help to keep you healthy. I am emailing to you the list of exercises. you can always get in touch with me for any clarification. tomorrow 4th May 2012 our club will be celebrating the World Laughter Day in Fremont, California. I started this club about five years ago just to keep elders/senior citizens who come here from various States in India busy and not gtg bore. I have as on date about 300 members and daily we meet for one hour with an attendance of 30/35 persons. It nis a fun. there are many ways to keep one fit; ours is one way
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