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We are "not" hindus!!. Hindu is a persian word & is highly deragatory !

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Hindu is a persian word & is highly derogatory ! So what is the name of our religion ?

As explained in my previous thread - "true history of dravidians. Rama krishna shiva vishu are all dark dravidian gods", the dravidians are a land locked kingdom of baratavarsha from the "vindyas to down south kerala" encompassing the 4 south dravidian states - andhra pradesh, karnataka, kerala & tamilnadu.

Dravidian religion is/was sanatana dharma, and from a daily religious practice are either shivaites or vishnuvites !!

So our true religion is the "vedic religion" as defined by our vedas !! And the dravidian civilization is the "vedic civilization" given that there was "absolutely no" sanskrit found during ashoka regime documented by all researchers.

So i am a vedic & not a hindu !!

Subtext - persian invaders called people beyond indus as hindus & they all raised the slogan - "hindu ko maro" (kill the Hindus). The word hindu itself is highly derogatory, i dont to want to elobarate here.
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