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ways of democracies

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www.outlookindia.com | Karuna = Nidhi

I was intrigued by this article in the outlook magazine. That wily old fox MK was once again digging deeply into his database of political skills, and coming up with yet another trick to win 5 more years of family rule. Doling our largesses to the voters is a practice that is practised by democratic politicians all over the world.

Obama does it. And so does the Canadian politicians. We in Toronto are now having a mayoral election, and some of the promises (which are soooo outlandish) would make even MK blush, if that is possible.

one clown wants to build a underground tunnel for about 6 kms right through the middle of the town to improve car traffic (without having any idea of the cost of such stuff). a planned highway through this neighbourhood was abandoned, after the rich folks there complained about decline in property values and lifestyle, and did not care that a whole bunch of motorists have to waste an extra hour getting to the city :( . reminded me of the veeranam water for chennai about 40 years ago, and the resulting suicide of the contractor, who was unable to keep up with the bribe demands of the then dmk government.

But what I found encouraging in this outlook article is the recovery increase by over 20%, all in one year. If the politicians in india figure out, how to effectively collect more money for their largesses, the country will grow by greater leaps.

In any democracy, one has to give leeway for corruption and skimmings at the top. But if the bulk of the money is dispersed, ie 75% we will be ok. I do not know the corruption figures for Indian politics.

But almost universally everyone appears to agree that tamil nadu is still the best governed state in india. And I am comparing this, with the fiascos that preceded the CWG in delhi and am looking eagerly for some judicial commission to enquire.
dunno about statistics, but with a hand on the heart, i can definitely say it is a full 100%.

I think it is over 100 percent;. Maybe 110% or 120% or more! No, I have not become nuts (yet!). Imagine a scenario for a tender, to dredge a lake. Chances of that job getting done is remote. There would be quite a few persons competing for thatt tender where all of them would bribe. When we add the tender value to the sum of all the bribe money to get the tender, what percentage would we be looking at? You guessed it right! I am poor in maths!

Sri.Kunjuppu said -

one clown wants to build a underground tunnel for about 6 kms right through the middle of the town to improve car traffic (without having any idea of the cost of such stuff).

Sri. Kunjuppu, Greetings. May not be such a bad clown! One road tunnel about 4.8 Kms was built in Brisbane. The project took just over 3 years.

Clem Jones Tunnel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rivercity Motorway Group - Clem Jones Tunnel



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