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Was Jesus an Indian Rishi?

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Swami Vivekananda had a strange dream.Read it in his own words:

“I had a curious dream on my return voyage from England. While our ship was

passing through the Mediterranean Sea, in my sleep, a very old and venerable
looking person, Rishi-like in appearance, stood before me and said, ‘Do ye
come and effect our restoration. I am one of that ancient order of
Therâputtas (Theraputae) which had its origin in the teachings of the Indian
Rishis. The truths and ideals preached by us have been given out by
Christians as taught by Jesus; but for the matter of that, there was no such
personality by the name of Jesus ever born. Various evidences testifying to
this fact will be brought to light by excavating here.’ ‘By excavating which
place can those proofs and relics you speak of be found?’ I asked. The
hoary-headed one, pointing to a locality in the vicinity of Turkey, said,
‘See here.’ Immediately after, I woke up, and at once rushed to the upper
deck and asked the Captain, ‘What neighbourhood is the ship in just now?’
‘Look yonder’, the Captain replied, ‘there is Turkey and the Island of

This is printed in Tamil by Ramakrishna Mutt in Swami Vivekanandar Sambashanaikal in two volumes
Vasishta Gufa (Guha)

I am not sure whether Jesus was an Indian Rishi or not.

About 22 KMS north of Rishi Kesh, on the road to Badri near Shivapuri there is a cave known as Vasishta Gufa (Guha) on the banks of Holy Ganga. It is the most favorite place for devotees who are interested in the art of meditation. The cave is a natural formation of 60 feet deep which opens up with a space big enough for eight people to sit and meditate. There is an alter with a small Siva Lingam illuminated by small oil lamps.
It is believed that Jesus had visited this place and meditated in a smaller cave nearby Vasishta Gufa. Mention about this is found in the writings of Swami Rama Thirtha and Papa (Swami) Ramdas of Khananghad.
I have visited this place a couple of times during my pilgrimage in Himalayas.
It is a wonderful place to visit.

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You are right. A lot of people believe that Jesus visited India and learnt Upanishads. His parables are very similar to parables in our great Upanishads. Bible also maintains silence about 20 years in his life. He disappeared when he became a teenager and came back when he was 33. It is believed that he came to Kashmir to study Hinduism. There are two or three books about his last days in Kashmir. They believe he did not die on the cross, but got alive on the third day and traveled to the place of his teenage days-Kashmir where there is a Samadhi for him. Sri Sathya Sai Baba in his lectures told about Jesus' travel to India. Swami Vivekananda and Sathya Sai Baba have spoken about his ultimate preaching of Advaita.Please read the following quote:

Baba's remark in April 1967: after a brief description of the three "different but not divergent paths to the goal of liberation" in Hindu spiritual traditions: Advaita,Visishtadvaita, and Dvaita, SB simply adds as a further analogy, " 'I am the Son,', 'God is My Father,' 'I and My Father are one' - these declarations of Christ are significant in this context." (Sathya Sai Speaks, VII, 19:105) (It is interesting to note that a similar descriptive didactic sequence was favoured by Swami Vivekananda, as the disciple of Ramakrishna Parmahansa, in his preaching to overseas audiences. The threefold sequence is also similar, as we shall see, to the one which SB will later repeat in many Christmas Discourses about Jesus.)
Why do we need to "rope in", so to say, eminent figures like Jesus into hinduism, India, advaita and what not? Do we have irrefutable proof for the belief that the Upanishadic beliefs also did not at all originate elsewhere in the habited world? Why should we at all consider dream stories of Vivekananda in which the rishi-looking apparition is able to "point to a locality in the vicinity of Turkey" (was it carrying a globe, expressly for vivekananda?) whereas the scrolls from deadsea area, quite a distance away?

I feel let us be content with our religion, our scriptures and our sages, etc. and not try to tag ourselves on to Jesus, Muhammad or anyone else.
By reading these quotes our faith in our scriptures is strengthened.

Swami Vivekananda

To the beginner, Christ would immediately speak of the Personal God: “Pray to your Father in Heaven.” To the one a little more advanced, he would say, “I am the vine, ye are the branches.” But to the one who was fully advanced and his dear disciple, he would proclaim: “I and my Father are One.”
Swami Vivekananda beautifully explained how Jesus says the great teachings of Upanishads “Aham Bramasmi”, “Soham”, “Tat Tvam Asi” in the final stage.

Meher Baba on Jessus
“There is one secret about Jesus which the Christians do not know. When Jesus was crucified, he did not die. He entered the state of Nirvikalp Samadhi (the I-am-God state without bodily consciousness). On the third day, he again became conscious of his body, and he traveled secretly in disguise eastward (with some apostles) to India. This was called Jesus' resurrection. After reaching India, he traveled farther east to Rangoon, in Burma, where he remained for some time. He then went north to Kashmir, where he settled. When his work was finished on earth, he dropped his body and entered Nirvikalp Samadhi permanently. Saints in India have verified these facts about Jesus' travels. Mankind will soon become aware of the true life of Jesus.” [23 August 1925, Meherabad, LM3 p752]

Swami Ramtirth On Jesus
Swami Rama Tirtha says that Jesus didn't die on the cross, that he had entered samadhi and came out of it after three days, and then went to India and lived the rest of his life in Kashmir. Swami says he has seen the tomb of Christ there. I don't know what to make of it all. According to him, it was Christ's second visit to India. Jesus’ wounds were cured with special ointment (In Woods Of God Realization)
Dear London,

May I know why Indians need a Jesus to add value to their faith, belief system etc? Rumours galore about Jesus and this is one among them.

Jesus was a shepherd boy until He took over His father's occupation as a Carpenter. He was a carpentar until He started His ministry. Do you expect the Bible to record and account for how many logs of wood He chiselled, how many tables, chairs and doors He made, how many hours a day He spent on carpentary, how many hours he slept, the hours he spent eating, hours he spent on household chores, the hours he spent responding to nature's call etc etc?

Why don't you leave Him alone Mr. London? Did you not comment in another thread, that we will not arrive at any conclusion with such discussions.

You seem to be so obsessed with Jesus!!! Do you secretly worship Him?

The Christians should be thanking you on your post. Somehow, the name of Jesus is being glorified here.

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LOL - I absolutely love this thread.

Just finished a thesis that we south dravidians are a direct descendants of the Egyptian race & all religions came from either egypt or their desdendants - Dravidians !! (hence the similarity between these religious texts. Read my posts under religion - "Dravidian/aryan mix is absolutely correct but it not what you have been told")

But some one here has already claimed that Jesus is a Indian rishi.

Does anyone know Jesus's caste/subcaste he belonged to ?. then some of us can claim that we are his descendant !! :) :) :)
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