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Was India a country before it was ruled by the British and the East India Company?

A third person converts a fourth person. What does it matter to you and I!!! Let us mind our own business. So what if someone is anti-brahmin. There are always some group antagonistic to some other group in the entire world. There are anti-dravidans too. It should matter little here. It is not pro-community or anti-community which decides who comes to power. It is the electorate who decide using their discretion. It is a matter of numerics and numbers game. I can go on and on about this but it would be irrelevant to this thread. Also I do not wish to waste my precious time on this of little value.
I am bothered because we are in a Brahmin forum...The moment I talked about conversions you are digressing from topic
Indian (particularly those brainwashed by RSS) believe that there was an Akhand Bharat. This is not a fact it is a myth.

No. It was not. At least not for real, even if it might have existed as a pure concept for millennia.

In order to be called a country, India needed a stable political geography spanning the entire landmass under one and only one banner (flag) and one and only one name (India). The regional rulers of India always fell short of this accomplishment.

In order to be called a natural nation, India needed a natural coherence of culture, language, ethnicity and lifestyle of its inhabitants across the entire landmass. That never happened, neither would it ever happen. India has always been an epitome of diversity. To be called an architected federal nation, there had to be an architecture of nationality where all local regions must had been given equal rights under the central ruling authority and it had to must have a constitution that established the spirit of nationality using various definitions called citizen rights and duties. The kings, rulers and emperors of India never succeeded in establishing a nationality. They always craved loyalty for themselves.

The very first wave of Indian Nationality sentiment came only during the British rule. And that was just that, a wave of sentiment which simply got stronger with time that eventually became a reality.

There was no country called India before 15th August 1947. There was no nation called India before 26th January 1950.

India was princely and warring state among themselves. India is modelled after uk

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