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waning and growing

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Dear Uncle

Seeing moon during chaturthi is considered as bad omen. Anyhow to get rid of that also, a sloka is given. The story of Shyamanthaka mani -- shri krishna will give you a clear picture. For this also, I call periayava for help. Iam begging his blessed verses for all solutions.


This link is taking to TAMIL VERSION only uncle. I checked. In this link, under the title "Kannan poojitha gananathan" you can hear the story in the own words of paramacharya.

Generally the Sukla Paksha(valarpirai) or the period from New Moon to Full Moon will be a good time for any subhakariam.Krishna Paksha or Theypirai (waning fortnight)is not considered that auspicious.But the Chaturthi during this period is of significance observed as Sankatahara Chaturthi to propitiate pillayar.
also some of us consider Amavasya as a good day(Neranja Naal) whereas others in AP and Karnataka believe the other way.May be it has to do something with Suryamana and Chandramana sects of belief.
I know I am digressing from the main Topic-Dr Sundaram to excuse me.
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Sri Durga, thanks for your response. I am stunned at your depth of knowledge level. Any way after your parents your 'would be' wife should be a gifted lady. While congratulating her, kindly be informed that again the link goes to some version I don't know what language it is >>>all consisting of Ex: [ cut and pasted from the lot]
[SIZE=+2]ªîŒõˆF¡ °ó™ ([/SIZE][SIZE=+2]ï£[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]¡[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]è[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]£[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]‹[/SIZE] [SIZE=+2]ð£è‹) ,[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]ñƒè÷£ó‹ð‹,[/SIZE][SIZE=+2][SIZE=+1]ªðKò Þ숶Š Hœ¬÷,[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=+2][SIZE=+1]°ö‰¬î õN«ò àôèŠ,ªðŸ«ø£Kì‹,[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=+1]ðòˆ«î£´, ŠKòˆ«î£,[/SIZE][SIZE=+1]âOF™ A¬ìŠðõ˜ [/SIZE]
I had similar treat in earlier attempt also on some other context. Kindly guide me if you can. God bless yu.
Sri Sabesan, No, No you are very much not degressing. But I have heard seniors telling some nights not to look even at valarpirai moon. In theipirai also not all nights restricted but some nights are allowed; in fact recommended. May be who said to me so be wrong. Let some more respond please..
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Dear Uncle

My knowledge is like that of a sand near an ocean. I share some things with you which I know. thats all.

Even the link you pasted here in this post is going to tamil only. I dont know the problem with your system. Anyhow, you just type "Deivathin kural" in google. The very first link you will get is kamakoti. In which you just enter into deivathin kural. In which the above story is posted in Fourth Part.

Hope you can get that now without this link itself.

Anyhow, seeing moon is considered as bad omen in fourth thithi only. Amavasya is auspicious and Pradhama is inauspicious all these are for subakaryams only. Seeing moon is not considered at all in these days...

Simha prasenam avadeeth simho jambavadha hada:
Sukumaraka maa rodhi thava hyesha symanthaka:

this is the sloka to be recited on seeing "Chaturthi chandran".
Dear Shree Durgadasan Sir

I got the link openend through kamakoti website.
But where it is written about looking at the moon
on specific days or otherwise,

pl guide the exact link

Respected Sreedhar sir,

The link will direct you to the fourth part of deivathin kural. Under which you haveto check the whole portion under the title, "Kannan poojitha gananathan". I think there will be 7-8 subtopics. The whole story of how Sathyabama's father got the shymantaka mani, how he lost that, the story of prasenajith, then jambavan, then the quarrel between krishna and balarama, mischevous act of akrura, and so on... A big story I think.

If you want exact thing, you just type "Deivathin kural" in google. The very first link you will get is kamakoti. In which you just enter into deivathin kural. In which the above story is posted in Fourth Part.

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