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Vowall Manithan- Aarambam

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To start with, I would like to thank Anbu for giving me a lead. I quote him from another thread.
"As regards the saints there are a number of them who are the henchmen of the politicians. The governments are notorious in propping up fake saints to speak for them. The corruption has pervaded all walks of life."

The reason, I use the name of a movie is, I learnt some key things from that movie about how the society gets corrupt, and how corruption inflitrates all walks of life. If you carefully observe the league of shadows would have their people at all levels..including judiciary, press, healthcare. Ras Al Gul clearly says- This time our tool is economics. In our case, its our culture.

A society built on exploitation of the weakest, a society built on rich is powerful, a society built where law cannot be enforced, a society where the lawmakers themselves are lawbreakers is bound to get corrupt sooner or later.
The great guru once said, " a content and strong society is one where knowledge and wealth are equally distributed".
The great guru also said," to completely conquer a nation, you dont have to destroy the cities, you dont have to destroy the armies, you dont have to destroy the castles... just destroy the culture and divide the people" Unfortunately, it was used against us.

But, when I start thinking that most of these are bound to happen as per the Bhagavatham and Bhavishya purana, who are we as human beings to stop all this from happening?
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