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Voicemail in heaven

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Got this in email.....how is it?

Imagine what would happen if GOD installs Voice Mail in Heaven
When you pray, you will get this response:
"Hi, Thank you for calling Heaven. If you want to speak
to Lord Ganesha - Press 1
Lord Shiva - Press 2
Lord Krishna - Press 3 (Sorry, he is Busy with "
Gopiyan "
For a Directory of other Gods / Goddess - Press 4
For Further Assistance from Menka / Pari / Angels -
Press 9.
You press 1 and get connected to Ganeshji and hear the
following message:
If you want to make a request - Press 5
For complaints / Grievances - Press 6 (Seldom works)
For thanks giving - Press 7
For anything else,
Please press 8 and wait for the Customer Support Angel
to talk to you If you would like to hear Naradji singing Bhajan while
you are holding Press *
After a few minutes comes the following message:
"" Our records indicate that you have already prayed
once today. Please try again tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you require any
emergency assistance, please contact
our offshore Customer Support Executive (priest of your nearest temple) ""
JMany Thanks

Forgiving or punishing the terrorists is left to God. But, fixing
their appointment with God is our responsibility .
The satire on voice-mail sounds good. In fact, it is already happening with some of the religious proopagandists in our country (India); earlier, only the 'Jesus Calls' groups functioned more or less on the same principle though not in such a systematic fashion described in yours , but now some of the hindu sects too follow their foot-steps.
with regards,
Not open for further replies.

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