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visiting rich friends

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This is why I don't like visiting my rich friends:

Once when visiting a very rich friend of mine , the maid approached me and asked me ......

1- Question :

What would you like to have for a drink, fruit juice, soda, tea , hot chocolate, cappuccino, frappuccino or coffee?

Tea please.

2- Question :

Ceylon tea, Indian tea, herbal tea, bush tea, honey bush tea, iced tea or green tea ?
Answer : Ceylon tea please

3- Question :

How would you like it? black or white?
Answer :


4- Question :

Milk or fresh cream?
Answer :

With milk

5- Question :

Powdered milk or fresh milk ?
Answer :

Aah , fresh .

6- Question :

Goat's milk or cow's milk?
Answer :

cow's milk please .

7- Question :

Freezeland cow or Afrikaner cow?


umm , think I'll just take it black

8- Question :

would you like it with a sweetener, sugar or honey or without ?
Answer :

with sugar

9- Question :

beet sugar or cane sugar ?
Answer :

cane sugar

10- Question :

white, brown or yellow sugar?

Oh ya , forget about the tea , just give me a glass of water instead .

11- Question :

mineral water , tap water or distilled water?
Answer :

mineral water

12- Question :

flavoured or non-flavoured?

I think I'll just die of thirst !!!!!!!!
Not open for further replies.

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