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Vision & approaches of upanishads

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This is just a bird's eye view. There are many good web sites dealing with the
subject. Besides, learned pundits have given good expositions and these are
downloadable. Just for info .
Shanti Mantra from Upanishads (Pravargya Mantras)

Shanti Mantra - Translation

Peace on Earth. Peace in Space. Peace in the Heavens.
Peace in all Horizons and Directions. Peace in Fire.
Peace in the Air. Peace in the Sun. Peace in the Moon.
Peace in the Constellations. Peace in the Waters. Peace in the Plants and Herbs.
Peace in the Trees. Peace towards Cattle. Peace towards Goats.
Peace towards Horses. Peace towards Mankind. Peace in the Absolute (Brahman).
May there be Peace. Only Peace.
May that Peace be in Me, Peace Alone.
Through that Peace may I confirm Peace in myself,
And Peace in all bi-peds and quadru-peds.
May there be Peace in me, Peace alone!
Shanti Mantra in Romanized Sanskrit

pṛthavi śāntiḥ antarikṣa śāntiḥ dyauśśāntiḥ
diśaśśāntiḥ avāntaradiśāśśāntiḥ agniśśāntiḥ
vāyuśśāntiḥ ādityaśśāntiḥ candramāśśāntiḥ
nakṣatrāṇi śāntiḥ āpaśśāntiḥ auṣadhayaśśāntiḥ
vanaspatayaśśāntiḥ gauśśāntiḥ ajāśāntiḥ
aṣvaśśāntiḥ puruṣaśśāntiḥ brahmaṇaśśāntiḥ śāntireva
śāntiḥ śāntima astu śāntiḥ |
tayā.ahaṃ śāntyā sarvaśāntyā
mahyaṃ dvipade catuṣpade ca śāntiṃ karomi
śāntirme astu śāntiḥ ||
Thanks very much. I am very lucky to receive this and specially the bhagavatam by shri.Nochur venkatraman. hope all members will make the best use to download and listen leisurely as many times as possible.
May the lord shower all his grace on you.
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