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Life is a dream
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The most important God of the trinity according to Vaishnavites is in charge of looking after what has been created. He took nine avataras (incarnations) in the past viz. Matsya (Fish). Koorma (Totoise), Varaha (Boar), Narasimha (man- lion), Vamana (dwarf), Parasurama, Balarama and Krishna... He is the most popular Indian deity.

Santhakaram Bujaga sayanam Padmanabham suresam,
Viswadharam Gagana sadrusam Megha varnam shubangam
Lakshmi kantham kamala nayanam Yogi Hrid dyana gamyam
Vande vishnum bava bhayaharam Sava lokaika nadham

I bow before the God Vishnu,
Who is personification of peace?
Who sleeps on his folded arms?
Who has a lotus on his belly?
Who is the God of gods?
Who is the basis of earth?
Who is similar to the sky?
Who is of the color of the cloud,
Who has beautiful limbs?
Who is the consort of Lakshmi?
Who has lotus like eyes,
Who is seen by saints through thought?
Who kills all worries and fears?
And who is the lord of all the worlds.

Translated By P.R.Ramachander
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