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Vikruthi Year Predictions

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Tamil New Year Vikruthi will born on Wednesday morning 6hrs 49 minutes.

Thithi : Amavasya.
Nakshatram (Star): Revathi.
Lagnam : Mesham
Yogam : Vaithruthi
Karanam : Nagava

English (2010-11), Pasali (1419-20), Kollam (1185-86)

General predictions for Vikruthi is here.
Rasiwise predictions (like gurupeyarchi palangal) are displayed (http://vikruthiyear.blogspot.com/)
Generally a good year for everyone.

First off of the VikruthiYear will be very good for Agriculture and the second off may not be as good as the first off.

Prices of all commodities will go up. Inflation will be as bad as 2009-10 and may become worser in the second half of the Vikruthi Year (2010-11)

Due to Sun, Budhan and Sukran in Lagnam:
1. Employment will become stable. Unemployment problem will come down.
2. GDP will increase considerably.
3. Industries and business will flourish.
4. IT sector and BPOs will flourish and find new avenues.

Due to the presence of Sani in Kanya Rasi (whole year)
1. Rain will be good. No shortage of water.
2. Agricultural produce will be very good.
3. Animals (especially elephant, Dee and Horse) will have a pleasant year ahead.

No solar or Lunar Eclipse for India this Vikruhi Year.
Note: Solar Eclipse (Suriya Grahanam) occurs on 11.7.2010 and 4.1.2011.
Lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahanam) occurs on 26.6.2010 and 21.12.2010.
But all the four eclipse will not be seen in India.)

As per Vararusi Samhitha, marriage and other auspicious functions can be done during Chithirai Muhurthams.

Pongal (15.1.2011): Between 7.30 am to 8.00 am

Karadayan Nonbu: 14.3.2011: Between 8.00 pm to 9.00 p.m
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