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VijayTV Music Awards for 2010: Who won what?

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Last night I watched the Brand New VijayTV Music Awards: Tamilo.com uploaded most of the programs... it was well organized....

Oscar Nayagan AR Rahman took most of the categories, as expected:

1. He was the Best Music Director: For Vinnay Thedi Varuvaaya VTV; I thought he would get it for "Ravanan"'s Userey Pohuthu...

Poor Imaan, he could not get for his Myna Myna.. which I loved very much too.

2. Best Singer Male: Vijay Prakash and Doel...Again for singing Hosann.. VTV
3. Best Singer Female: Shreya...Again for singing Mannippaya VTV - Andrea for something.
4. Global Indian Award: For ARR for his music in 127 Hours, which got nominations for BAFTA, Oscar and Hollywood Critics Award. Finally won the Critics Award for 2010.

ARR is a phenomenon - a very simple man with humble manners... I wish he talks more in public meetings....

Surely, ARR is a role model, as Jesuda pointed out...

I wonder why or how Kamal became The Ulaga Nayagan... when the REAL Ulaga Nayagan ARR is around? Lol

Y, VTV i think is superior to ravanan. VTV spans across so many music styles.

just for aromaley alone ARR deserves the prize.

but my own pet favourite is omana penne - the music just jives to the love scenes in the train. and the nadhaswaram (someone said the ragam is bilahari - though i am a donkey when it comes to carnatic music) blends so well with the malayalam verses in the middle. all in all, ARR tops.

ravanan is good, but on the dark side. rewards go for positive music. except for the erotic kalvare, the other songs including usirey poguthu sounded philosophical or agonizing.

i can watch vtv several times (i have!) but ravanan only once. i guess that is the difference :)

i liked myna songs too - three of them - jingku chiku, kaiye pudi (why cant they show them making love here?) and the classic neeyum naanum.

a tough choice between the two, and perhaps Imman should be given the honours, only because ARR has many and for Imman, this would mean charging a few lakhs to a crore or so per movie.

the thing is all these guys are young, and if the muse does not abandon them, a third golden age of tamil film music is in the offing. (60s the first, 80s with ilayaraja the second).

thanks for introducing this site. will be there often. :)

1. On the second day of the Vijay Music Award, D. Imaan got the award on another category for Mynaa Mynaa..

2. Yuvan got many awards, as expected.. Is Illaya Raja slowly retiring? Perhaps, he wants Yuvan to go all the way!

3. I was very touched by the Memorial for the deceased musicians: Shahul Hameed, Sridhar, Malaysia Vasudevan and that young lady I forgot her name - wonderful singer!

It was an excellent day for the Tamil Music and Singers... they must honor the Orchestra people also - there are many percussionists, guitarists, pianists etc. They also deserve awards and recognition before the large audience!

Just a thought!


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