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Victoria's Secret bras boosts rural Indian women

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Men, please do not drool, it is not what you think.
Indian villager Jaya places the bright pink, sequined, moulded C-cupped designer bra under the needle of her sewing machine and carefully stitches the seams together.

The padded "Very Sexy" push-up bra which 22-year-old Jaya sews is for American lingerie retailer Victoria's Secret - designed to give a "boost" to buyers in hundreds of high-fashion boutiques across the United States. But a world away in this traditional rice-growing region of southern India, these luxurious bras are - in a different way - enhancing the lives of poor rural women.

Investment-friendly policies, close proximity to one of India's largest ports and an international airport, and easy access to a large, semi-literate workforce has helped make the area one of the most industrialised in the country. Traditionally known for producing India's finest quality silk-woven saris, Kanchipuram is now a top automotive hub for car makers such as Hyundai, Ford and Volvo as well as playing host to apparel, technology and electronics firms.

Girls traditionally spend their days doing household chores - collecting water from the borehole, making meals, cleaning and looking after younger siblings. But in many households that has changed, say villagers, due to the Pudhu Vaazhvu project.

"Before I struggled to send my children to school, even food was a problem," says Latta Gubendran, mother of three, whose 19-year-old daughter, Divya, works at Intimate Fashions and earns a monthly salary of 7,000 rupees ($130).

"Divya earns more than I thought possible. My two younger girls can go to school and we have bought a fridge, a television and even tiled our floors in our house. She is like the son I never had. She brings me and my family respect."
Economic Times - Indian Newspapers in English Language from seven editions.
At least it brings prosperity to poor families, that is good, but again An American would feel that the labor is being taken away from them for cheap money.. :) as you know those in India do not get the wages of the american worker..
Dear Prasadji

Looks like Victoria is Secretly working for the up-liftment of women !

Yay Yem

There is no secret, they have barely covered it. The up-liftment of the rural women is not against gravity. So the up-liftment works in two different fields (or is it plains).
Well, it lifts the standard of living of poor women in India while lifting the self-esteem of those American women who are less well-endowed. It is a two-way lift and let us welcome it.
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