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Very Slow Website response

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Folks, Praveen,

not sure if this is happening to others.

for the past week or so, the response of tamilbrahmins.com is very slow about 20% of what it normally is.

thought i would make this report for concurrence (or not).



In my experience, response from our forum is pretty slow compared many other sites. I did not think it is a recent occurence. I just thought that is the way it is; I waited couple of more seconds for the pages to load. That's all. I don't know if something a miss though.

Depends on which browser. I currently see a difference in speed when i use firefox and IE.

IE tends to load everything while firefox loads in sequence... that could be one reason.
but i will check over the next few days and see what could be "trimmed" to speed up.

Thank you for reporting this.
Now I do not get any intimation when reply is posted on the subscribed threads. I had problem with IE and was advised to switch over to Firefox Now it is fine Jambu
I have no problem with firefox. But I face some problems with google Chrome.

All the best

it was not always such. i had good download speeds till last week.

something must have changed.

this is the same at work or home, both with high speed internet connections. both use explorer.
nothing has changed in the last few months. The only change that i have this year is disable a feature that was not at all used :). Otherwise its the same settings.
I have modified/removed certain stuff and did a speed test.

Date/time 13 May 2010 18:22 CET
Load time 5.29 seconds

Not sure if i can further optimize it...but over weekend i will give it another shot.
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