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Dear sir
sivaya namah
Reently on 26 th of April 2009 SHREE KAILASANTRUST ,NANMANGALAM CHENNAI 117 organised a Vedagosham in their premises .
About 55 learned people listend the Vedic chanting by an eminent seven vedic scholars from 4pm to 6pm,
The best part of it being,as seen by an humble and sincere devotee cum spritual narrator of Deiveega Sthalangal by name Mr Saravanan(dhslakshmiarsanam.blogspot.com)
who has given versions of more than 100 of temples ln the internett.It has been narrated as in picture appended below a LIGHT
appears in the ABHJYA HASTHAM of Shiva.
As tamil versions are not reproduced in many of the groups i am reputiing this message for viewers benifit.ShreeKailasnTrust has more plans on the anwil of organising similar vedic based programmes,Sapthahams,Nawahams,Nama Sankeerthasnams,Swamis kayanams through eminent scholars and Pandits.
Those intrested in participating and also sponsoring to the extent possible OF THE EVENTS told here in can pls contact Shivaya namah 988 412 6417

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Message from Aalayam Virumbi.:
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Picasa Web Albums - sivasiva - vedaghosham
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sivaya namah
0 988 412 6417

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