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Varusapthigam intimation format in Tamil

You only know the thithi of death of the deceased person. You have to find out from panchangam when the next thithi occurs.( same month same patcham, same thithi. pampu panchangam gives the srartha thithi). That day is the varushabthigam . Prior to that sodhakumbam and varushabdhiga oona masyam has to be performed. please consult you brhaspathi for the days.


This is a subject very important to our Tamil Brahmin.
As I happen to know this for my mother's Varushapthigam the dates in advance so that it is convenient to apply for leave and preparedness.
I consulted my stay place sastrigal. The technical issue here is the next day of our fathers yearly thithi my mother passed away. So the thithi is falling one and next day the other.
My sastrigal told me as you already done the earlier requirements the situation is like this.
1. Father's thithi will be performed as regular.
2. On the same day, after fathers Thevasam, you will have to perform sodhakumbam for mother.
3. Next day mothers Varushabhdheegam will be performed.
4. Next day Navagraha Homam has to be done.
As our eldest brother is doing all at other state we have to join him and have no rights to perform it alone.
Subsequent years it can done as regular Thevasam for each as per thithi.
Many people simply writing like a running commentary which is confusing.
Each rituals like they call in Sanskrit words(technical words) are different. It is necessary and very important to guide our community in detail as to what is what and what is done. Like Homam, puja giving meals, or other offerings at each rituals.
Today no body understand sanskrit words meaning as to what is that and what rules apply and how it is calculated.
During our mothers ceremony the last 13th Day our brothers sastrigal totally forgot to buy and bring things for Navagraha Homam, no navadhaniyam no cloths no container. He conveniently wrote the sign in the rice and telling it is vishesham. But the importance is we give as dhanam the Navagraha things. I am debating but having seen it practical I am saying.
So get it known by asking questions.
Also when the senior sastrigal wrote the dates looking at his internet mobile and not the real panchangam which was missing with anyone and neither asked for it. Later when we called the Sastrigal and also when I checked in vaidheegam web there details were not agreeing to the dates noted by the Sastrigal. Finally when the actual situation dates came he told the mistakes in dates as some days it should not be done and to shift it other days. So better be in toe to get it correctly by asking and reading our vaidheegam books for our knowledge.


In our brahmin community there is no formality giving printed invitations which is a modern one today.
The last day subasweekaranam you can inform by latest technology WhatsApp to come for lunch.

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