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Various Forms of TIRUMAL

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Dear Bagavathas,

Vedas and Idikasa Puranas have shown that Sriyapathi Sarvesvaran Parabrahman Sriman Narayanan HAS Five Sacred Forms as Saviour of the Universe. These are (1) PARAM (2) VIYUGAM (3) VAIBHAVAM (4) ANTARYAMIN AND (5) ARCHAI.
1. PARAM is Paramapadam, where Sriman Narayanan appear in Paripoorna Divya Roopa (in perfect Form of Divine Harmony) with HIS consorts Sri Devi and Bhoodevi Thayars.
2. VIYUGAM is the Swaroopa of Sriman Narayanan in reclining Posture on the soft bed of Sri Adi Sesha (Sesha Sayanam), advising the Devas in their daily duties in serving the Universe.
3. VAIBHAVAM is the very important Sacred Form of Sriman Narayanan. Sri Paramathma from the above two Sacred Forms came down to the Earth in various Avatars to save the cetanas from their sufferings in this World.
4. ANTHARYAMIN is the Sacred Form that Sriman Narayanan appear as Jeevatma in all living beings of the World and guide them to attain Prapatti ( Surrender unconditionally at the Sacred Feet of Sriman Narayanan) through Atma Gnanam.
5. ARCHA is the Sacred Thirumeni of Sriman Narayanan dwelling in the Divya Desams and Purana Sthalams, so mercifully and benevolently showing HIMSELF as Archa Thirumeni in different Roopas. Bhagavan alone can fulfil one’s desire. But one should have a means to seek HIS Kadaksham by doing Nithya Thiruvaradhana or daily pooja. For this one should require a Form (Roopa) . This PRATHISHTA ROOPA is Archa Thirumeni. Archa Thirumeni or deity is very powerful. It is believed that Sri Varadaraja Perumal of Kancheepuram used to converse with Sri Thirukachi Nambigal, a great devotee of Sri Varadaraja Perumal Kancheepuram. He was maintaining a garden of flowers mainly to do pushpa Kainkaryam to Sri Varadaraja Perumal. He used to walk all the way from Poonamallee (Pooirunthavalli), a suburb of Chennai to offer his garlands to Perumal. Sri Varadaraja Perumal took pity on him and asked him to stay in Kancheepuram and do Alavattam Kainkaryam ( fan made of palm leaf covered by silk). While doing such kainkaryam Perumal used to come out of Archana Thirumeni and gave away instructions to HIS devotees like Sri Ramanujar.

Ranga Madabushi

PHOTO: Sri Varatharaja Perumal Moolavar, Uthsavar and Sri Perundevi Thayar, Kancheepuram
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