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Variou Poojas in english for use by those who do not know tamil to read.

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I believe that MB publishers have published several books on Poojas for different deities and festivals. All the aforementioned books should be available at Giri's. These books normally include instructions in English and Shlokas in both english and sanskrit. However, none of these books contain vedic mantras.

You can find several books that contain instructions in english. But mantras will invariably be in Sanskrit. If you can read basic sanskrit, then I suggest resources available at Sanskrit Documents List: Documents Index.

If you can read devanagari without any difficulty, then the Sringeri Mutt publication on Pooja Vidhihi is probably the best resource. It contains all the Vedic mantras necessary for panchayatana pooja will svaras.
Can any of our members let me know the availabilty of Pooja Vidhanam in english.
I have tried vedanta spiritual library, LIFCO Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, etc. but in vain.
hence I need members advice.


It is difficult for a person to grasp all the details of a pooja unless he is taught personally by a competent teacher like father, brother or an elder. Again, only Indian languages will be able to explain these nuances in an understandable way.

Perhaps a thread can be started here as an experiment to see how well our members can explain various poojas. Why not start with Ganapathi poojai and "haridraa bimbam"?
Sri. Lakshminarayanan sir,

Various poojas may be available in malayalam; kannadam; telugu; and in hindi; you may study from any of those books.
You can try Giri Traders. You will surely get it there. Their address is:

Old No. 10, New No. 14, Kapaleswarar Sannadhi Street Mylapore, Chennai 600004, Sankarapuram, Mylapore
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004
Phone No:044 24640376
Please refer to the site Vedanta Spiritual Library - Spiritual Devotional Religious Sanatana Dharma Hinduism Scriptures Shastras Stotras Bhagavad Gita 108 Upanishads Sankara Advaita Veda Vedic Vedanta Bhakti Mantras Yoga Vidya Divine Holy Sacred Hymns Sanskrit for various slokas/mantras & Pujas in English with English translations. When you read it in English , the pronunciation will not be proper and hence it is better if the original sloka is read in Sanskrit itself. For translations in English you can refer to this site.


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