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Varioous sevais at tirumala hills

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Can members who have been and are regular visitors to Tirumala Hills enlighten us on

1. Seegra seva- How long does it take to reach the sanctum sanctorum once the ticket is
2. Are children below 3 allowed free with the ticket holder or is it necessary to buy tickets
for each .
3. What are the other sevas which are scheduled for the evening so that young children can
be carried along with the family members. which are the convenient sevas in the morning or

4. What is Vasantotsavam and when do they commence it; Is it daily utsavam.

5. Which are the lean days when there will be less rush for seegraseva tickets.

We do not find answers to these queries in the web so we thought that members who are frequent visitors
to Tirumala may be able to share their experience with us which would be authentic. Many thanks.

Dear Mrs Raji Ram

You are a frequent visitor to Tirumala and I would like you to kindly let me know about

1. SEEGRA SEVA- how long does it take to reach the sanctum sanctorum and whether children upto 4 years are allowed

2. WHAT are other sevas we can attend during afternoons or late evenings on Mondays and Tuesdays.

with best wishes

Dear Mrs Raji Ram

You are a frequent visitor to Tirumala and I would like you to kindly let me know about
Dear Sir,

I am not a frequent visitor! Anyway, I shall phone up the TTD office and try to get the details

you need. Hope the officials will reply properly.

(I tried to browse and get details of various Savas, and the answer I got was YOUR letter!)

Raji Ram
Balaji Dharshan

Dear Sir,

I could get an officer on phone and he gave the details you need.

( Manager, TTD Information Centre, 50, VenkataNarayana Road

T Nagar,Chennai – 600 017. Ph:044-4343535/4346219 )

1. The 'Seeghra Dharshan' will take 1 to 5 hours on week days. Tickets can be bought at the

booking office, Vaikuntam Queue Complex, after reaching Thirumala.

2. Vasanthothsavam (starts at 2 pm everyday) tickets can be bought at the booking office,

which opens at 6 am (he said it is better to be there by 6 am) and TEN persons are allowed.

The rest can buy separate tickets. Children below 10 years need not buy tickets. Now a days,

the thumb impression of each pilgrim is needed for booking tickets. So all the members should

go in person.

Some of my friends advise to book the tickets one day prior to the dharshan.

Raji Ram
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Dear Mrs Raji Ram

My profound thanks to you for taking personal interest in the matter referred to with utmost sincerityk; sincerity is honesty
of mind.Nothing is steadfast which is not sincere.I have seen the details which would be of help to me . I would start working
on it in coordination with other members. Take care.

with best wishes


Dear Mrs.Raji Ram

Pursuant to our mails, a doubt is harbouring in my mind as to whether Vasanthothsavam
would be performed in July 2011 since the term denotes arrival of spring season which
is March end to mid april. If I am not inconveniencing you,could you kindly check whether
vasanthothsavam is performed daily and confirm and oblige.

with best wishes

Dear Mrs.Visalakshi Ramani

I am sorry to be bothering your sister again since a dobut has crept in my mind whether vasanthothsavam would be performed
in July 2011 since the term vasantha generally means spring which is end march to mid april. I may be wrong in understanding
and hence I would like your sister to have the matter clarified by the concerned . I tender my apologies to your sister and
yourself for being a nuisance.

with best wishes

Dear Sir,

E booking for vasathothsavam is marked full in the month of July except for two days 28th

and 29th. So you have to get the tickets in person, one day prior to the day of dharshan.

I collected these details too for your reference, of course, from the web site!

Current Booking: Current Booking is the facility to book Arjitha sevas

one day in advance or for the same day which are issued at Tirumala in

Single Window Counter opposite to CRO, Tirumala.

The Seeghra Darshan facility is introduced 0n 21-09-2009 to provide

quick Darshan for the Pilgrims. The cost of the Ticket is Rs.300/- per

pilgrim. The tickets will be issued at VQC-I in a separate queue line with

4 counters, after taking the tickets, the pilgrims are directly allowed

for Darshan. Seeghra Darshan tickets will be issued on all the Sarva

Darshan timings.Seeghra Darshan Timings

Saturday,Sunday, Monday 4.00am to 5.00am , 7.00am to 6.00pm

and 9.00pm to upto Ekantha seva.

Tuesday, Wednesday 08.30am to 01.00pm ,

Thursday 09.00am to 6.00 pm and 9.00pm to upto Ekanthaseva.

Friday 10.00am to 6.00pm and 9.00pm to upto Ekanthaseva.

You are advised to go on week days when the crowd will be comparatively less.

Chennai TTD office numbers: 044 - 24343535/ 24346219 ( I missed suffix no.2 earlier )

Hope this informations are enough.

Raji Ram
Dear Mrs. Raji Ram

I am very grateful to you for getting the details for my purpose. It shows your nobility which is a graceful ornament. You
are endowed with a generous mind. God bless you and yours always. Please remember me to your sister VR.

with best wishes

Dear Mrs Raji Ram

I do hope like yourself that we should be able to get a good Darshan and blessings of the presiding deity of the seven hills.
I do not know if my debilitating health would be withstanding the strenuous visits to various places at this age. You have
no choice after a certain stage and have to succumb to the wishes of the group as a whole.Thanks for everything.

with best wishes

........You have
no choice after a certain stage and have to succumb to the wishes of the group as a whole.............

Dear Sir,

I am reminded of a story when I read your reply! A family of five (grand parents, parents and a child) were

going uphill and the grand father had tough time and felt exhausted! At that time, the daughter in law

requested him to carry the child since she could not carry him any further. To everyone's surprise, the super

senior continued his journey, with the extra weight of his grand child! So, it is the mind set which makes

things easy, though they appear tough!

FYI, if it is really difficult for you to move in the long and winding queue, you can request in the office for a

wheel chair. I have seen seniors on wheel chairs going for darshan. I think they have to walk the last few

yards anyway!

Raji Ram
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Dear Nrs,Raji Ram
I wonder if you have since received my reply to yours of yesterday. I remember having seen a few years ago a group of four members and a child comprising an elderly man aged 75, his wife about 70, their son aged 48, daughter in law 40 and
the child 5 years running in a violent hurry to catch the train after alighting from the car at Renigunta. The son had the
child in his arm, the daughter in law a had a heavy bag, the old man a brief case and the old lady a handbag. In the melee
that ensued at the station, the son asked the old man to carry the heavy bag which the daughter in law carried for some
distance; the old man unable to bear the weight of the bag, had to put up with the discomfort and strain. The son
could have given the child to his wife and carried the heavy bag ; not only that the son yelled at his father to walk faster
with the heavy bag. The poor old man did not want to retort but was indulgent all the way thru to his compartment.
He would have realised later the burden of living with a heavy heart. Such instances are very common these days.
Late realisation on the part of youngsters would not heel their wounds in any way.


மலைப் பாதையில் பெரியவர் . . .

வயதான பெற்றோரைத் துணையாக அழைத்து,
வயது ஒன்று முடிந்த குழந்தையுடன், ஒரு பெண்,

மலைப் பாதை வழியே மேலே செல்லும்போது, தன்
நிலை தடுமாறித் தந்தை, துன்பப்படுவது கண்டாள்.

தன்னால் இனி ஒரு அடியும் வைக்க முடியாதென,
தன் இயலாமையை அவர் கூற நினைத்தவுடனே,

அவர் எண்ண ஓட்டத்தைப் புரிந்து கொண்ட அவள்,
அவர் கையில் குழந்தையைக் கொடுத்துவிட்டாள்!

'எனக்கு மிகவும் அசதி அப்பா! மீதி தூரம் நீங்களே
எனக்கு உதவுங்கள், குழந்தையைத் தூக்கி', என்று

கெஞ்சியதும், தாய்க்கோ மிகவும் கோபம் எழுந்தது!
கெஞ்சிய மகளைத் திட்டத் திரும்பும் சமயம், அங்கு

என்ன அதிசயம்! தந்தை மிக்க உற்சாகத்துடன், தன்
சின்னப் பேரனைக் கொஞ்சியபடி, மலை மேல் ஏற,

ஆச்சரியமாகக் கோபம் மாறி, தாயும் திகைத்தாள்!
ஆச்சரியமான மாற்றம் ஏனென, மகளே கூறினாள்:

'தன் இயலாமையை நினைத்து வருந்திய நேரத்தில்,
தன் சேவை மகளுக்குத் தேவை என்பது அறிந்ததும்,

எங்கிருந்து பலம் வந்தது தந்தைக்கு? அது அவரின்
உள்ளிருந்து அவர் மனம் கொடுத்த பலமே அம்மா!'


Dear Mrs.Raji Ram

Thanks for your message of date. I have understood the essence of the message. I wish you good time ahead of your

US TRIP. God bless you and yours always

I am new to this forum and would ask that we keep message to have a positive outlook and not complain. We should be blessed that everyday the lord almighty give us his protection, good health and happiness. When I see people nothing I feel I am blessed

All i can say is we are gods creation and if we read religious books we should internalize it. I again ask that enjoy your family and not be self about yourself.

Please read this :

50 Divine thoughts by Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi MahaSwamiji : kamakoti.org

Om Nam Narayana
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