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Let us follow the principle

ஒன்றே குலம் ஒருவனே தேவன் - திருமந்திரம்

Let vaishnavites keep Srimad Narayanan as the supreme God. Let others follow their own Ishta Devatha
More than following the chosen Supreme God or Ishta devatha ,I think to feel and recognsie, that our indwelling antharyamain as the God will be more suitable and appropriate. One second before and after death that some thing which was present and which is absent is all one should be concerned about in this topic. When that was present we are human beings and when that is gone off the body the same human being is called now "Body" which is necessarily removed off as soon as possible from the house. That which has made all the meaning of life by being present from birth to death is the Antharyamin which I want to worship. Again that worship is done by whom . A big understanding.......
personally, i think v.r. vasudevan is a non existant person who posts out of u.k., in fake i.d's

he has not provided much information about himself in his profile.

'vasudevan' has not responded to any of the replies.

also, he has made a potentially divisive statement against hindu groups, in my view, to incite discord and ultimately hatred.

honest, members in good faith, are warned against such postings.

think carefully before replying to such potentially harmful posts, which ends in useless arguements, and leaves us all with a bad taste in the mouth.

for starters, vasudevan, could make amends, by explaining who he really is, and what is the basis of this initiating statement, and why he made it.

failure to do so, will confirm my suspicions, and reiterate my cautions to the good people of this forum, to guard their energy and goodwill against such frauds.

thank you.
personally, i think v.r. vasudevan is a non existant person who posts out of u.k., in fake i.d's


The best idea to avoid this kinda ,is to ensure every one's IP is posted next to their posts. With that, the viewers also can track, from which country/City this poster is posting.. This will help.

But one point is,many a people may not like it, cos it violates their privacy.
Are you a Spy of Kamal Hasan,or Karunanithi or a spy from any Christian Missionaries?
Hinduism is the Only Religion in the Whole World which Re United after a Massive Split 1000s of Years ago.
After 1137 During Ramanujacharias period Re United and continues united so long.... Til; Now....
Are you bribed from any of those mentioned above or sent to this Noble Forum purposely to create a Split among Hindu Community especially Brahmins...
I belong to a Smartha Family being the Son Of Swaminatha Iyer...
Even then my father arranged marriage of my Sister Jeya Surya to a Iyengar Mr Ramakrishnan.
This happened in 1987.
We dont find any differences between Sivaite or Vaishnavite..
Dont interfere in Religious matters.
Can you briefly critisise about Roman Catholic, Prostendstants, Seventh Day,Pentecoastal or any other Sub Divisions...
If you have guts can you speak about Shiya or Sunny Muslims..
Sri Kunjuppu ji,

Thanks for identifying the stranger. Please be alert. All the best.

Sri Sankaranarayanan ji,

Glad to know about the bold step taken for your sisters marriage. We are all one. Let us not allow any force on earth to divide us. All the best
Dear Mr. Nara,
Please make a note that NONE among the Forum Members are speaking about the differrences between sub Castes in Brahmin Community.
Vasu has thrown a stone against a united group.
It is our duty to preserve the unity and not to create a split.
Some one wrote that Ramakrishnan is an unusual name in Iyengar.
My athimbare Mr Ramakrishnan is residing in Sea Breeze appartments in Thiruvanmiyur.
He is a native of ThenThiruPerai a small village on the Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur High Way.
Maharanedunkuzaikadhar (Perumal) one among 108 Vaishnavite Dhiva Desam Temple.
Almost 100% of Brahmins in that agraharam are Iyengars.

There are always people who want to jump in, post something controversial and jump out. Do we need to be so vigilant as to stop them?

Sorry, I do not think so. Our people are not so dim witted that they can not spot such people. But on the other hand, some useful discussions can come out of such nonsensical postings.

I would request the members to please have the confidence in the moderators to take necessary actions against folks who post with bad intentions. But these matters are done in private.

Please do not pass judgements on moderation in public, whether positive or negative, as such comments tend to unnecessarily limit the scope of moderation. While meant well, by some of our precious members, any comment of any sort towards moderation tends not to produce a positive impact.

Moderation can not be 100% done in public, for the very reason that our members do not see what all is done behind the curtains.

Which is Good or which is Bad is individual opinion. Whatever is good for you, you follow. Whatever is Good for me, let me follow.

Hitler felt his killing of 6 Million Jews as good for his power position and good for his fellow country men, Germans..

So, is the case with Komeni, Stalin,Mussolini,Naturam Godse..They always justified their acts and felt good.. Its seems you are OK with them?
wow! popped into this thread wondering to see the discussion on vaishnavism... was treated to an overdose of anti-varna/jathi discourse!!!
Since the discussions on this thread veered way off course, I have moved a number of posts to a new thread titled 'Varna, Jaathi and Race' under General Discussions Forum. Please continue your discussions there.

I am closing this thread.

This is another example of a thread starter, who did not appear after the first posting, probably knowing the trouble he was starting. From now onwards, anyone who abandons their threads after the first post will not be allowed to continue as a member of this Forum. They waste other people's precious time.

Last edited:
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