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Vadhyars in Palakkad

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Dear Friends,
Recently I had been to Palakkad and was able to collect the telephone numbers of the Vadhyars(Purohiths) living in that area. I am sure this info would be helpful atleast to some of you. If you send me ([email protected]) information about the contact number of your Vadhyar with his telephone number, I would make a compilation and put it in my web site, so that it is available to everyone.

Sri.K.E.Ramanatha Deekshithar, New Kalpathi 0491 2576948
Sri. K.A.Seshadri (balu Vadhyar) , New Kalpathi 0491 2576175
Sri Shivamani Vadhyar, New Kalpathy, 0491 2577922
Sri Easwara (Raja) Vadhyar, Kalpathy , 04912576053
Sri Anantha Krishna Vadhyar, Thiru Nellai , 0491 2522924
Sri Venkitrama Vadhyar , Pallipuram , 0491 2522924
Sri K.S.S.Raman, Vadakkan Thara , 0491 2501787
Sri.V.S.Ananthanarayana(AAdi) Vadhyar, L.N.Puram 09447303926, 04912578174
Sri Murali Krishnan, L.N.Puram, 0452-2578722
Sri Manikka Vadhya, Vettakkorumagan kavu, 04912576579
Sri Chuppan Deekshithar, Koduvayur, 04923 254045
Sri Chidambara Vadhyar, Koduvayur, 04923 254039
Sri.K.N.Venkateswara Vadhyar, Koduvayur, 09446237022, 04923 252012
Sri Ramanatha Vadhyar, Adithyapuram , 0491 252027
Sri Mani Vadhyar , East Peruvamba, 04923 252901
Sri Dharmaraja Vadhyar, Kizekkencherry, 04922 257322
Sri Amritha Ghateswaran, Kizhakkan chery, 04922 258868
Sri Krishna Brothers, Melarkode, 04922 243184
Sri Krishna Vadhyar, Kozhalmannam, 0492 273053
Sri Rasamani Vadhyar , Mathur, 0492 214189
Sri Gopalakrishna (Rasappa) Vadhyar, Ramanathapuram, 0452 2546317
Sri Subrahmanya Vadhyar, Shekari puram, 0492-257709
Sri Lakshmana Vadhyar , Chelakkara 04874 252635
Sri A.S.Krishnan, Ayilam Village 09447295429
Sri K.V.R.Chandra Vadhyar, Ramanatha puram, 04923 262521, 266727
Sri Ramaswami Sharma, Thatha Mangalam, 04923 227890
Sri C.S.Varadan, Tharakkad 0492 254370
Sri Chellappa Vadhyar , Thennalapuram , 0492 223409
With best wishes, Ramachander
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