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vadai malai

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Dear all,

I prayed to hanuman in a particular temple in kolkata (temple in lake market) to garland him by vadai malai on a particular day (31.1.2012). After ordering the vada malai which is to be prepared by some outside vendor and not by the temple people, I approached the poosari of the temple for booking on the particular day and who has refused to garland the hanuman saying that the crowd will be more (being tuesday) and hence it is not possible that day. Now I want to know whether can I garland the vadai malai to some other hanuman in another temple (in lake garden) in kolkata or I have to get the date changed and to do the garlanding only to the particular hanumnan to whom I have prayed? If anybody can clarify I can act accordingly.


S. Ramanathan
This is just my opinion or thinking. Please use your judgement or consult others before you take a decision.
Which of the two - temple or date was prominent in your thinking.
If at that time, you had a particular temple in mind, then you should try to fulfil it at that temple only.
Instead, if you had a date in mind as the uppermost, and you are particular about this date, then may be you should
do it at a different temple if this is not practical.
If you had both temple and date, then you can think of all or some of the following:
- 1. do that in another temple on the preferred date
- 2. do it in the same temple in the next immediate permissible date
or any suitable combination of the above two.
Mr Ozone has given you a very clear idea and combination of options to
choose either of the two. Devotees flock on Saturdays in all the
Hanuman Temples. It is an auspicious day. We recently went to Suchindram
and I find on all the days, Vadamala is adorned to Lord Hanuman. You have to
see your choice as Mr Ozone in consultation with the Priest of the Temple.
I had been to Hanuman Temple in Lake Market while I was in Calcutta during
1980s. This being a South Indian locality, I am sure, the Priest will oblige you.

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