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Uthana dwadasi- thulasi kalyanam

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Tulasi Habba or Tulasi Pooje is celebrated a fortnight after Deepavali. It signifies the day Tulasi married Lord Vishnu. On this day, Tulasi katte is decorated like a bride. Amla trees are planted along with the tulsi plant.
Tulasi came out of the ocean during Amrita Manthan as a younger sister of Lakshmi. She too was devoted to Lord Vishnu and wanted to marry him. But Lakshmi who was already married to him did not like the idea and cursed her to become a plant. Thus the tulasi plant was born. But the all merciful Lord Vishnu took pity and fulfilling her wish declared that when he will be in the form of a saligrama, found in most temples and madhwa houses, she will remain close to him in the form of a tulasi leaf. Therefore even today a saligrama will have a tulsi leaf along with it. In front of every Hindu home there will be a tulasi katte in which a plant grows round the year.
Although the prayers are offered to Tulasi everyday by watering the plant in the morning and lighting an oil lamp before it in the evening, on Kartik Shukla Dwadashi there will be an annual Tulasi Pooja in the evening when the tulasi katte will be beautifully decorated with clay lamps.

Amla- Shri Krishna
Tulasi- Shri Tulasi devi

Tulasi Praathane
namah tulasi kalyaaNi namo vishhnu priye shubhe |
namo moksha pradaayike devi namaH sampatpradaayike ||

Tulasige Namaskara
Yanmule sarva thirthani yanmadye sarva devatha |
yadagre sarva vedashcha Tulasi thvam namam mayham ||

Tulasi Dyana
dyayescha tulasim devim shyamam kamala lochanam
prasannam panmakalhara varabhaya chaturbhuja
kiritahara keyura kundaladi vibushitam
dhavalankusha samyuktam nishedushim

Tulasi Ashhtottara Shatanamavali
om shrii tulasyai namaH
om nandinyai namaH
om devyai namaH
om shikhinyai namaH
om dhAriNyai namaH
om dhAtryai namaH
om sAvitryai namaH
om satyasandhAyai namaH
om kAlahAriNyai namaH
om gauryai namaH
om devagiitAyai namaH
om draviiyasyai namaH
om padminyai namaH
om siitAyai namaH
om rukmiNyai namaH
om priyabhuuShaNAyai namaH
om shreyasyai namaH
om shriimatyai namaH
om mAnyAyai namaH
om gauryai namaH
om gautamArchitAyai namaH
om tretAyai namaH
om tripathagAyai namaH
om tripAdAyai namaH
om traimuurtyai namaH
om jagatrayAyai namaH
om trAsinyai namaH
om gAtrAyai namaH
om gAtriyAyai namaH
om garbhavAriNyai namaH
om shobhanAyai namaH
om samAyai namaH
om dviradAyai namaH
om ArAdyai namaH
om yaGYavidyAyai namaH
om mahAvidyAyai namaH
om guhyavidyAyai namaH
om kAmAxyai namaH
om kulAyai namaH
om shriiyai namaH
om bhuumyai namaH
om bhavitryai namaH
om sAvitryai namaH
om saravedavidAmvarAyai namaH
om sha.nkhinyai namaH
om chakriNyai namaH
om chAriNyai namaH
om chapalexaNAyai namaH
om piitAmbarAyai namaH
om prota somAyai namaH
om saurasAyai namaH
om axiNyai namaH
om ambAyai namaH
om sarasvatyai namaH
om samshrayAyai namaH
om sarva devatyai namaH
om vishvAshrayAyai namaH
om sugandhinyai namaH
om suvAsanAyai namaH
om varadAyai namaH
om sushroNyai namaH
om chandrabhAgAyai namaH
om yamunaapriyAyai namaH
om kAveryai namaH
om maNikarNikAyai namaH
om archinyai namaH
om sthAyinyai namaH
om dAnapradAyai namaH
om dhanavatyai namaH
om sochyamAnasAyai namaH
om shuchinyai namaH
om shreyasyai namaH
om priitichintexaNyai namaH
om vibhuutyai namaH
om aakR^ityai namaH
om aavirbhuutyai namaH
om prabhAvinyai namaH
om gandhinyai namaH
om svarginyai namaH
om gadAyai namaH
om vedyAyai namaH
om prabhAyai namaH
om sArasyai namaH
om sarasivAsAyai namaH
om sarasvatyai namaH
om sharAvatyai namaH
om rasinyai namaH
om kALinyai namaH
om shreyovatyai namaH
om yAmAyai namaH
om brahmapriyAyai namaH
om shyAmasundarAyai namaH
om ratnaruupiNyai namaH
om shamanidhinyai namaH
om shatAnandAyai namaH
om shatadyutaye namaH
om shitikaNThAyai namaH
om prayAyai namaH
om dhAtryai namaH
om shrii vR^indAvanyai namaH
om kR^iShNAyai namaH
om bhaktavatsalAyai namaH
om gopikAkriiDAyai namaH
om harAyai namaH
om amR^itaruupiNyai namaH
om bhuumyai namaH
om shrii kR^iShNakAntAyai namaH
om shrii tulasyai namaH

Thulasi is medicinal Kalpavrukhsa and devotional kamadhenu. Thulasi is a comon deity to all our hindus and thulasi has the power of killing all our sins by just having a darshan.
Om Shri Thulasi devyai namahai
This is very famous tradition among "Madhvas". So, I kindly request anyother Madhwa familiar in doing this to elaborate the whole function. I want to know how this marriage function is celebrated
1. Whether the amla stalk can be removed afterwards the pooja?
2. What naivedyam should be prepared?
3. What songs and mantras are there for this?
4. At what time pooja has to be done? Morning or evening?
5. What are the procedures?

My parents thought the name I am having was the apt one for me for the reason that I was born on Uttana Dwadeshi 67 years ago.
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