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Using Mutt and Swamigal's name for Mis-behaving with Public

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Staff member
This was sent to me by one of our members and apart from the email that i have removed all the others are exact word-to-word reproduction of what was sent.

Dear Praveen,

Please read below my experience highlighted in my mail to the Kanchi Mutt officials about this matrimonial service in pondicherry and if you feel appropriate, alert the other members of our community.

Thanks and Regards

Nataraj V

From: NVG Iyer
Date: Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 11:48 AM
Subject: Using Mutt and Swamigal's name for Mis-behaving with Public
[email protected]

Please discipline this man. He mis-behaves a lot and does it in the name of Swamigal and the Mutt.

In the name of kanchi kamakoti peetam and jayendra saraswathi swamigal, this man is mis-behaving with the Brahmin public

He provides matrimonial services in pondicherry. His name is Santhanam Iyer. He heads Pondi Atchaya

Instead of focusing on that, he follows a different track.

First, he says he is close to Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and then he impresses saying that he is doing genuine service for Brahmins

He then goes on to say that he has met Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, along with 100 people and that swamigal is highly impressed with him.

So, we send 350 rupees as membership fee.

After this, he starts the drama. He sends booklet containing age, date of birth, gotram and nakshatram details of boys and girls

If we ask horoscope he says he can send only one. When we say that we have shortlisted more than one and that it is not certain if the parents of those girls will find our details fine, he still argues saying we can come to pondicherry directly.

So, we come directly and then he shows the album of photos with jayendra saraswathi swamigal and then starts interrogating about astrology and brahminical contributions and speaks very arrogantly.

When we say that we have built temples and donate to Brahmin needy people, he starts speaking in a very derogatory manner and asks why we are not there at kanchi mutt to meet swamigal. He deviates from the main purpose of matrimonial service and starts interrogating senior citizen parents on what they know about astrology,…etc etc and starts shouting about lack of knowledge.

Suddenly he speaks like a psychiatrist and then suddenly like an astrologer and then suddenly he repeats that he is respected by jayendra saraswathi swamigal himself, since he has conducted 2000 marriages for Brahmins.

Overall, this person is a dangerous man who seems to have serious psychological problems and thinks he is God on Earth for Brahmins and really crosses all limits of bad behaviour. He uses Swamigal’s name for this and keeps repeating that he has conducted 2000 marriages and that he is superior to many Brahmins and that swamigal himself asks everyone to move aside when he comes.

Please check this person. His arrogance would only result in public anger against him and more so since he uses swamigal’s name and hides behind that to display his mis-behaviour and arrogance.

He should not use the name of the mutt and swamigal for displaying his superiority complex and arrogance. Kindly take action.

Thanks and Regards

Natarajan V G Iyer
Sri Santhanam Iyer of Pondicherry is not that bad man as depicted in the letter cited. Of course he talks a lot and boasts of his services. But he has really settled many marriages. His matrimonial service was totally free till the year 1995 or so. He was spoilt by a young astrologer claiming to help him. The boy advised him to collect fees and run a magazine for matrimony, (pondicherry atchaya). Then he came out of the senior and started his own matrimonial service.
Please note that the letter sent to the mutt does not mention how he misbehaves with brahmin public. Mere use of the word, misbehave should not take us far in imagination.
I am not a friend or relative of Sri Santhanam, but an impartial observer.
Thanks Sri Praveen. He will be an useful tool for other intellectuals to pass the judgement on the whole community!.
Good or Bad

I read one comment from an impartial observer.

Hmmm...I have a question here. When the purpose is matrimonial service, why should the service beareau step into areas irrelevant such as whether x,y or z has done this and that for Brahmins,...etc ? Secondly, why conduct interrogation sessions on knowledge of astrology ? Thirdly, basic manners and common sense tells us that you first give people a seat, and allow them to relax, more so, when upon your suggestion, they have directly come from the railway station to your home, since you say you have rooms built for the same.

*** One can imagine when without even having used the toilet, when people, especially senior citizens, one a chronic diabetic, another a person with a heart surgery just the previous month, if they are hurled questions on astrology, brahminical service, swamigal,...etc; what would you term that man Mr.Santhanam Iyer as ??? ***

Any normal person would term him as " Seriously in need of psychological help "

when senior citizens aged 63 and 70 respectively are humiliated when they show lack of complete knowledge in astrology, their son, aged 32, who has at the age of 26, funded renovation of a chalukya era temple, funded building of an arch for a 450 year old lord shiva temple, donates silently every year for education of children of poor vedic scholars, pitches in with a simple question on the slokam that praises the Paramacharyal ( Vishwam kalae samudhyarttum, sthitham peetaedhya shaankarae, chandrashekara saraswati naamanam yathim vandae jagadgurum ); Mr.Santhanam Iyer's Ego gets hurt.

*** when rahu is not at all present in the lagnam, he says rahu is present and rahu makes me speak this way ***

*** when Mr.Santhanam Iyer is reminded that we are here directly from the railway station and the purpose is not debate on astrology or brahminical methods, he shows more anger and shouts using some foul language in Tamil ***

*** when Mr.Santhanam Iyer is reminded that we respect kanchi acharyals however in a marriage, we do not invoke the sannyasi greats, he starts his verbal volley of words ***

*** He is joined by his son who says he wants to man-handle and ends up being pinned down ***

*** Mr.Santhanam Iyer asks all of us to get out ***

*** Myself, my parents aged 63 and 70 ( From very good families, mother retired from a PSU, father retired from a MNC from a senior position and myself having been in a senior position with a global role reporting into the board of directors ), move out and in that state of not even having brushed the teeth, are required to check into a hotel and by the time my parents have their medicines, it is close to noon ***

*** So much so for Mr.Santhanam Iyer who finally was called to the police station and who threw tantrums even there, getting the local MLA on phone ( To no effect ); issuing defamatory statements with words such as forgery ( forgery what, i dont understand even now. I had to warn him that if he doesnt control his tongue, it would result in a legal tiff ) ***

*** who cares who he is or how many marriages he has conducted, if he doesnt know basic manners and appropriate behaviour ***

*** Brahminical panchayat system doesnt work out anymore and cheap politics in the name of caste, especially in today's world, where brahmins are scattered across the globe and each one is a mountain of potential and knowledge, no self-respecting individual would put up with factory trade union political gimmicks of the 1970s

*** When I told him that myself, my father and mother are all srividya upasakas with deeksha taken, Mr.Santhanam Iyer refers to that in front of the Police in the Police Station. Just look at his sense of community well-being and his disgusting habit of not refraining from causing embarassment ***

*** You do service to the community, good. Fair Enough. But dont under-estimate the stranger whom you meet. Knowledge is not written on a white-board and worn like a neck-tie for all to see ***

*** So much for a Pondicherry visit that ended up with Santhanam Iyer dragged to the Police Station ***

*** He returns 300 rupees in the police station, when we spent 7.5k for the entire trip, including hotel stay, train tickets,...etc ***

*** He retorts that 345 rupees is the train ticket. Sorry Mister, we have a certain standard of living gifted by God, that sees us travel by A/C class ***

*** Brahminical Anger serves no purpose if it is backed by desire for ego-gratification ***

*** Who Cares ? I definitely dont tolerate mis-behaviour. I dont need to. Self respect is the primary thing. Caste comes next ***

*** Matrimonial service, then restrict it to that. Not anything else ***

*** Intellectually who is mightier, the place to test that is a vidwat sadas and not vara-vadhu sangam ***

*** If an Intellectual's CRYSTAL CLEAR SPEECH is interpreted as arrogance, you can only be left to yourself and the world moves ahead. As Simple as that ***

*** By the way, I am an entrepreneur with my own I T Services consultancy and I train people from the Judiciary and Police on Cyber-Crime apart from helping solve cyber crime cases ***
With a kudumi, covering head with a hat, I have attended meetings in the corporate environment

Automatically the position of the Sun triggers the alarm that it is prataha kalam, sanghava kalam, madhyahnika kalam, aparahna kalam, sayam kalam

I am sorry to say, but it is true that today our community is seeing itself in a weak spot, because many of them, indulge in dry logic, dry argument and waste of time.

Let people like santhanam iyer finish 90 lakhs of gayatri japam. then let us see how he will behave.

atleast, let him finish 9 lakhs. Atleast 1 lakh gayatri.

paechu paechu vetti paechu. yaet sorekka kurrykki odavaadu

theory theory theory.

practise. Do the gayatri japam.

walk the talk.

" janmanath jaayathe shudraha, samskarath dwijamuchyatae "

" yaa kaavarayinum naa kaakka, kaavaakaal so kaapar soll irukka patt "

Thanks Mr.Swaminathan Sharma. Our Native place is Swamimalai. Our kula deivam is Lord Swaminathan. So, as Natarajan ( My Name ); the action that I took was taken to the proper height by your announcement as Swaminathan.


With Regards

Natarajan VG Iyer

" Brahmaiva Satyam. Jagat Mithyam, Jeevo Brahmaiva, Na Paraha "

" Iti paribhavaya ko aham ? Aham Aham iti "
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