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Upanayanam. Kaarya kramam for yajur vedha iyers aapasthamba soothram.

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UPANAYANAM BRAHMOPADESAM. serial no.1 (1) Anuggai.2. ganapathy pooja..3.ganapathy yathasthanam sankalpam. 4 kalasa sthapanam varuna pooja. 5. udhaka santhi japam. 6 punyahavachanam. 7 grahapreethy. 8 nandhi sratham 9 anna prasnam (if not done earlier) 10. raksha bandanam. 11. Angurarpanam. 12. chowla homam. 13. chola dig bhavanam. 14. new yagyopavedam. 15. kumara bojanam. hair cutting. 16. samith 17. Ammi. 18 Vasthram. 19 Mounjee. 20. deer skin. 21 Prokshanam. 22 Hastha grahanam. 23. parirakshanam. 24. homam. 25 guru upadesam. 26 Upanayana sankalpam. 27 Upanayana anuggai. 28 Graha preethy. 29 Paatha prakshalanam. Brahmopadesam. 31. Palasa dhanda dharanam. 32. Surya darsanam. 33. Samidha dhaanam. 34. Guru sishya samvaadham. 35 Biksha saranam. 36 Pranava sradha medha pooja. 37 Palasa homam. 38 Guru dhakshina. 39 AAsirvaadam. 40. Haarathy.

Anuggai= Permission, Vigneswara pooja. Udhaka shanthy. Requirements for upanayana poorvangam. Turmeric powder 100 gram; kumkumam 50 gram; sandal powder 10 gram; thodutha pushpam 5 metre. coconut,4; Plantain fruit 25. betel 100 nos; betel nut 100 gram; pakku potlam and seeval 100 gram; mango leaf bunches 8 nos; haaram 1; plantain leaf 8; wheat 2kilo; raw rice 2 kilo; black gram 500 grams; black ellu 200 gram;

Brass kudam 1; for udhaka shanthi; one brass sombu for prathisaram and punyahavaachanam; pancha pathra uthirini; Thambalam/ Tray 4 nos; kinnam or pakku mattai kinnam 12 nos; mud paligai 5 nos; Paddy; black ellu; green gram and Black gram and kadugu each 20 gram as paaligai saman. cow's milk 250 ml;

On the brahmopadesam day; Haaram 1; thodutha pushpam 4 metre; coconut 10;Plantain fruits 50; betels 100 nos; betel nuts and and paaku potlam 100 gram; scented chunnam 1 bottle; wheat 2 kilo; raw rice 2 kilo; plantain leaf 4 nos; deeksha vasthram 9x5 one no.; jaggary; curd; honey; kadugu; rice flower each 20 grams; Havis 100 gram; Ghee 500 gram; Knief 1; Dhothy for kumara bojanam 2 metre 2 nos; Ammi 1;

deer skin small piece; Brahmopadesa pattu 1 no; bitchai raw rice 5 kilo; coconut 2; silver and gold poonal each 1; pancha pathra uthirini; plate or some container to give bikshai; pakku matai plates and kinnam; 12 nos; visiri; sundal and appam for neivedhyam..no.10 nool kandu 1;

Draw kolam in a cleaned place spread wheat and over it plantain leaf and over it raw rice and over it brass kudam duly filled in scented water (elakai; krambu, pachai kalpooram and vetti ver and a drop of ghee and silver and gold ornaments, outside of the brass kudam decorate with no.10 nool and apply sandal paste and kumkumam and place a turmeric pasted coconut on mango leaf bunch along with dharbhai koorcham

Haaram and kumba vasthram in one metre length; and in brass sombu pour water and decorate it with sandal paste mango leaf bunch turmeric paste added coconut with koorcham for punya havachanam. 6 sastrigals are required for doing japam of variuos manthras . It will take 3 to 4 hours for them to finish chanting manthras and also they will chant punyahavachanam manthras. This water will be poured on the child who is going to wear poonal the next day.

Then Nandhi : 10 sastrigals are required for nandhi. No prachinavedham no ellu ; plantain leaves 10 nos; raw rice 5 kilo; paruppu 1 kilo; valaikai 10 nos 9x5 cotton dhothy 10 nos; optional; dhhakshinai; Homam is also there for nandhi; but now a days nobody is doing homam; meals for them. pancha pathira uthirini in copper 10 nos. for them optional;coconut 10 nos; thamboolam and fruits optional.

Prathisara bandham= raksha bandanam.IN brass sombu decorated with sandal paste and kumkumam, mango leaf bunch; koorcham and turmeric pasted coconut place it over rice varunan aavaahanam pooja, In the north side of the kalasam place some raw rice and place a turmeric pasted nool with sandal paste and with flower. sastrigal then chant varuna sooktham and other veda manthras. Then it will be knotted on the right hand . to be continued

Then Angurarpanam= 5 mud paligai; paligai dhanyam paddy;black gellu; black gram; green gram;kadugu. soak in water the previous day itself. to clean 5 mud paligai punyahavachanam should be done. place a brass sombu on some raw rice. pour water into the brass sombu. decorate the brass sombu with sandal paste and kumkumam and place mango leaf bunch and turmeric pasted coconut and one koorcham. do punyahavachana manthra japam( pavamaana sooktham (4 times) . place in a tray 5 mud paligai pour some mud on them. First prokshanam of punyahavachana theertham to the mud paaligai.

In the centre paligai aavaahanam of Brahma. In the east side paligai avahanam of Indran. In the south side yaman; In the west side varunan. In the north side somam. do upachara pooja for these devadas.

Add milk in the paligai dhanyam and water, sastrigal must chant oshadhi sooktham now. First in the centre (Brahma paligai) pour some dhanyam with manthra first time and then without manthra pour the dhanyam 2 times. Then with other manthras for each from east ,south,west,north one time with manthras and 2 times without manthram.

Then say Om by touching each paligai. THen request 5 or 7 or 9 sumangalis to pour the germinated seeds along with milky water. You have to give for these sumangalis sandal paste, kumkumam, flower, thamboolam and dakshinai. Then cover these paligai with mud and pour some water daily morning and evening and these things should be poured in the river or tank. ladies will do kummi dance to finish this function.

IN the book it has been written that sumangalis without any children should not participate in this paligai seed thelithal. In some places it is said that sumangalis should pour only milky water and not the dhanyams. Do as per family tradition. to be continued

Hair cutting: Here comes homam So you need Homa kundam or 10 bricks and sand 5 kilo; vratti 25 nos; srai 5kg; visiri; match box; camphor Start poorvangam portion for Homam place near it the following items; Gold and Silver poonal; water; Dharbhai koorcham; vasthram; ammi kal; palasa dhandam; deer skin; and Mounchi=Dharbhai kairu.

Do 8 homam with manthras and do jayadhi homam; Apply hot water on the boy's head to be continued

With the help of knief and three dharbhai , cut thr hair and dharbhai from east.south.west.north directions separately each with chanting manthras. and put the hair under a athi tree.

New poonal for the boy chanting usual manthras. Then kumara bhojanam. request brahmacharis in even nos; 4 or 6 donate them 2 yards cotton dhoty and request them to take lunch along with this boy. This boy now will do parisheshanam and aapochana pranahoodhi along with other boys.lunch should be without kaaram and salt. that is sweets.

Then the barber will cut his hair. the boy has to take bath and should wear new clothes and marks in the forehead. now he has to wear silver and gold poonal. Then place one samithu in the fire chanting manthras. In the northern side of the homa kundam place one ammi and request the boy to place his right leg on the ammi and chant manthras. Then he is wearing new vasthram chanting manthras.

By chanting manthras he is wearing mounchi=dharbhai kair in his hip thrice clockwise. Then deer skin in his poonal. Then water prokshanam with manthras. Then by chanting manthras his guru will touch his hands.then the guru will requst the devadas to protect him.Then guru upadesam. Then sankalpam for upanayanam. Then 11 homamas.Permission for guru upadesam; Graha preethi.

Brahmopadesam. in a duly covered by pattu vasthram. samitha dhaanam. Then the boy must take biksha first from his mother and then from all ladies. Pranava sradha metha pooja: permission to do pranava sradha medha pooja;ganesa 16 upachara pooja, punyaha vachanam; graha preethy.AAvaahanam of pranava sradha metha and do 16 upachara pooja. Then do aavaahanam inthe homa kundam indran and eight thikku paalakargal.

Vasthra dhaanam to guru; palasa homam chanting 11 manthras Jayadhi homam; Guru dhakshinai; sthamba pooja eesaanaadhi sthamba pooja; aasirvaadham.harathy.

Boy's Maternal grandfather ,Amman seer varisai: Silver and gold poonal; Brahmopadesa pattu; aasirvadha vesti; saree;silver pancha pathra uthirini; plate to receive bikshai rice .sweets,murukku. athirasam.thamboolam. manjal;kumkumam; flowers, plantain fruits.paruppu thengai.

Inform caterer quantity of meals,tiffin,cofee for these 2 days. you may use naathaswaram cd; If required get rented shamiana, chairs, meals table. ; If you want to give gifts, buy them, bags required to put the thamboolam; fruit or coconut . You may call only your close relatives.

You can do it in your house. Do it according to the financial position of the individual.

In reply to upanayanam days i am giving here the details. First UTHIRAYANAM; From 16 th january to 15th july every year is the best one. Tamil month MAASI month is good. STARS; aswathi;rohini; mirugasiesham;punarpoosam;poosam;uthiram; hastham;chithrai;swathi; anusham; uthiraadam; thiruvonam; avittam; sadayam; uthirathadhi; revathy.

THITHI; dwithiyayi;thruthiyai; panchami; sapthami;dasami;ekadasi ;dwadasi;thrayodasi, in sukla patcham. and in krishna patcham:dwithiyai, thruthiyay, and panchami. LAGNAM; rishabam;mithunam; katakam;kanni;thulam;dhanus; meenam.

The eighth place from lagnam should be empty. without any planets. During the period of mars asthamanam and/or neecham sama vedics should not do upanayanam. For rig vedis guru neecham or asthamanam; for yajur vedis sukrassthamanam or neecham and for atharvana vedam budan neecham or asthaman should not be there for upanayanam.

THARA PALAM; CHANDRA PALAM MUST BE THERE. KASARA YOGAM IS A MUST. Panchagam must be seen. If required panchaka preethi must be done. Thyaajyam for thithi,star, day.and lagnam should be seen./checked.

Un matching stars for subha muhurthangal; From the Birth star of one (male or female) 1,3,5,7,10,14,19,22, and 27 stars are not good. From the chandra rasi the 8th rasi 2 1/4 stars are not good. THITHI: chathurthy, shasty, astami;navami; dwadasi and chathurdasi are not good; YOGANGAL; Marana yogam;uthpadha yogam; Prabhalarishta yogam are not good. KARI NAAL AND DHANIYA NAAL should be avoided,

Rahu kalam; yama kandam; kuligai kalam; and tuesday and saturday are not good. for upanayanam the very next day of the Brahmopadesam day should not be a anadhyayanam day. that is New moon and Fulmoon day the previous day and the next day of the newmoon and full moon day and krishna pathcha astami days are anadhyayanam days. you can chant the vedas which you have learned in the previous days.

GURU BHALAM; If the guru is in lagnam, kendram;thirikonam or in ucchham thithi vaaram etc. dosham will not be there. If the chandran is on Rohini star no dosham for thithi, vaaram ,will be there. If there is on that particular month two new moon or two full moon or on that month no tamil madha pirappu or two tamil madha pirapuu on the month subha muhurtham on these months should be avoided. chithrai and vaikasi are exception for this rule. There are plenty of exceptions are also there.

Requirements for upanayanam; upanayana poorvangam; turmeric powder 100n gram; kunkumam 50 gram; sandal wood powder10 gram thodutha puspam saram 3 meter; coconut 4 nos; plantain fruit 25 nos; betel leaf 100 nos; betel nut 100 gram; paddy or wheat 2kg; raw rice 2 kg; black gram 250 gram; gingilly seeds 100 gram;plantain leaf 10 nos; mango tree leaf bunch 8 nos; paaligai 5 nos;cow's milk 250 milli; paaligai saman paddy;gingilly seeds, black gram; green gram; kadugu total 100 grams. udhaka shanthi kudam 1; prathisara sombu 1; thambalam 4nos; kinnam 4; pancha pathra uthirini. haaram (maalai) for the boy 1 no.

Anungai (Permission) ganesa pooja; navagraha preethi; punyaha vachanam; udhaka shanthi japa dakshinai; oshadhi sooktham for paligai japa dakshinai;prathi sara japa dakshinai; ayushya sooktha japa dakshinai; raksha bandhana graha preethi; nandhi; buktha dakshinai vaadhyar

dakshinai;punyahavachana japa dakshinai; nandhi dhakshinai;

Nandhi to satisfy and to get blessings of pithrus.; You can do by giving 9x5dhoty pancha pathra uthirini and meals and dakshinai; for ten persons; OR you can do with minimum 4 persons only by giving money after aavaahanam; for udaka santhi japam 6 sastrigals are required;

For sumangalies minimum 5 nos who are adding the paligai saman in the paligai you have to give thamboolam flower sandanam and kunkumam and dakshinai. these nandhi and udaka santhi can be done the previous day to upanayanam only morning time is the best.

Upanayanam and brahmopadesam; haaram for the boy 1 no; thodutha pushpam 2 meter; coconut 15 nos; plantain fruit 50 nos; betel leaves 100 nos; betel nut 100 grams; seeval 100 gram or pakku pottalam ; paddy or wheat 2 kilo; raw rice 1 kilo; plantain leaf 4 nos; deeksha vasthram 9 mulam 1; ghee 500 gram; havis 50 gram; jaggary; curd; honey; kadugu; rice flour each 25 grams; ammi 1 no; small knief 1 no; deer skin (maan thol) small piece; kumara bhojanam 4 mulam dhothi 2 nos; brahmopadesha pattu 1 no; silver poonal; gold poonal;bikshai raw rice 5 kilo; mud madagu big2 and small 8 nos; visiri4 nos; vratti 10 nos; umi and srai thool wooden pieces 2 kilo; biksha thambalam 2 nos; sundal and appam for neivedhyam

; Jadha karmadhi vaideeka vivaram; Ganapathy pooja; jadha karma anuggai; kaalaatheetha krichram; begining graha preethi; curd ;honey bali karana taking dhaanam; punyaha vachanam dakshinai; namakaranam and anna praasanam (food taking) and then vapanam hair removal from head; upanayana anuggai; graha preethi; poonal punyaha suddhi; kumara bhojana dakshinai; japa dakshinai; graha preethi; brahmopadesa anuggai; graha preethi ;guru padha pooja; brahmopadesa dakshinai; samidha dhana anuggai; graha preethi; mathru bikshai; saathgunyam; vadhyar sambhavanai;;

You can start from head hair cutting if you have already done naamakaranam and annapraasanam and jadhakarma; I have written here for those people who have not done jadha karma and naamakaranam and annapraasnam; Seer from boy's mother's father side: gold and silver poonal;aasirvada dhothy and saree blouse ;thaambalam; pancha pathra uthurini in silver or in copper;brahmopadesa pattu vasthram.raw rice for bikshai.sweets and murukku;

Naandhi= Ab udhaya srardham Viswedevar 2 persons; mother vargam 2 persons; father vargam 2 persons; mother's parents vargam 2 persons;Maha vishnu 2 persons; total 10 persons; you can give them raw rice with some green gram dhall and monthan plantain kaai; with poonal and dakshinai in 10 plantain leaves;or you can do this with minimum 5 persons according to financial status of the individual. abbudhayam means the growth of dharma artha and kamam. For these to grow you are doing aaradhanai to pithru devas. prarthana let the devathas make me to think always good deeds to others; and the pithrus say yes to this. these portions are taken from yajur vedha aapasthamba poorva prayogam book written by anna of Ramakrishna mutt.and pub liswhed by surabi jagathguru sadhapthi publications chennai 33.

Angurarpanam;=5 paaligai prayer to brahma in the centre; east indran; south yaman; west varunan (water devatha) north soman to fulfill all our desires and to make the function every success. this means that we have started the function as per sastra method.

Prathisara bandham= wearing the thread in the hand, for males Right hand and for females left hand; kanganam katti kolluthal he has decided full heartedly to do this function.

samidha dhanam= After upanayanam he becomes brahma chari and daily after sandhya vandhanam and gayathri japam. he has to do in the morning and evening daily samidha dhanam.homam with 12 samithu.

chowlam= kudumi vaippathu=It should be done in the end of first or third year. along with darbai you have to cut the hair of the boy on four directions with manthras and put the hair in a mud pot along with cow dung and it should be thrown away at the foot of athi tree. Mother or one brahmachari must be near the kartha to receive the removed hair and dharbai.

Ammi midhithal= along with manthra the boy should say that he will withstand problems boldly. The boy has to wear a new dhothi now and a megalai( a thread made from three dharbai 2 metre long) with manthras. Kumara bhojanam along with brahmachari's without salt and sour ;

pranava sradha medha pooja On those days it was done on the 4th day. now a days it is impossible and we are doing on the upanayanam day and aasirvadham to the boy.

Only after upanayanam he is eligible to learn vedam. Father; Father's father; father's brother ;elder brother or the old man of the same gothram;are the first grade eligible people to do brahmopadssam. widowcan be done uptaers should not do brahmopadasam.AApasthambar 1-27 upanayanam can be done to the boy upto the age of 16. Brahmachari should not sleep during day time;should notTAKE supari and thamboolam; should not see dance programes; only limited movement with ladies; to be continued
PREPARATION OF PANCHAGAVYAM; DETAILS;place 6 empty cups.In the centre cup pour 35 grams of cow's urine;In the eastern side cup put cow's dung half of your thumb; pour 245 grams of cow's milk in the south side cup; Pour cow's curd 105 gram in the west side cup;pour 35 grams of cow's ghee in the north side cup; pour water 35 grams in the north east side cup;

With help of 2 dharbai touch the centre cup saying GAYATHRI MANTHRAM.; Saying gandad dwaaraam duradarsham......vaya sriyam .touch eastern side cup,cow's dung. saying aapyaaya swasame duthae ........sangathey. touch the south side milk cup; saying dadhikraavinno akarusham.......dhaarishat touch the cow's curd in the west side cup.

Saying sukramasi jyothirasi theyjosi touch the northern side ghee cup; Saying devasyathva savithuhu....maaththey touch the pure water cup in the north east direction cup.

These milk.curd,ghee, urine, dung must be collected from the same one cow.

Saying the same manthras in the same order pour the other cups contents in the centre cup..

. so the centre cup must be a bigger one.saying AUM (OM)for ten times.stirr well the centre cup . now you remove the other five cups.

Now pooja for the centre cup Goh(cow)devatha AAvaahana manthram AAgahwo........duhaana. Asmin pancha gavyae goh devatha dhyaayami, aavaahayami, aasanam,paadhyam;argyam;aachamanam;snaanam , aachamanam. vasthram, upaveetham;sandal paste, kumkumam; akshadai; pushpa maala; archanai, dhoopam. deepam, neivedhyam, banana fruit and thaamboolam;

camphor aarthi, Then chant goh suktham from aagaavo.......thavaveeryea It is in thaithareeya praa ash2.8.8..Then punar pooja, upacharam. yatha sthanam.

Separate mantra is there to take this panchakavyam inside your mouth. This panchakavyam can be used for abishekam to siva.

You can do abishekam by chanting rudram,chamakam,purusha sooktham; sree sooktham, bhagya sooktham ,durga sooktham etc;

IN the cow's urine water (varunan) in the cow's dung Agni is there, in the curd vaayu(air) is there, in the milk Moon is there. in ghee suryan is there.

First abishekam with water, then apply gingilly oil, then water ,then pancha kavyam, then water, then panchamritam. then water, do abishekam like this.
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