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[Request] Upanayanam Guidance


Dear Gopalan Sir,
I request you to kindly clarify my following doubts.
1.As per Hindu Dharma a Brahmin child's upanayana must be performed when he is eight years old from conception, that is when he is seven years and two months old from birth.
2.In this context, I would like to bring to your kind attention, my grandson's D.O.B is 06 07 2016 and he will be 7 years old only in the month of July 2023.One has to wait till September 1st week for the completion of 7 years 2 months.Do we have to perform the upanayanam for our grandson in 2024, in Utharayanam, in the Tamil month of Masi?
Ours- Yajurvedam Apasthamba sutram Kousika Gothram.
Grandson DOB:06 09 2016
Nakshatram: Poosam. Rasi Kadakam.
Rasi: Makaram.
Can you please guide us?
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