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Unfortunately true !

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A sad but common story happening around us, these days :( - unfortunately i came across a Brahman family of 2 sisters here around my place. the elder one got herself into love with a christian, their father passed away in due course and their mother had to concede to her daughter's demands.
Though i support the people getting married deciding on their own partner, i am Not in support of the ones sweeping aside / blackmailing their parents for their "love" - If they are incapable of recognizing the love and care of 20+ years from their parents, i am sure they understand nothing about love.

And anyways, almost all the love stories that happen around me are ones where the guy chooses the best looking girl that he comes across while the girl accepts the first guy who chases her madly. It is more about "me too having a partner" rather than what real love is.

And i still consider the decisions of people living on their parents' / others' money, as just Immature - to me, people who do not start living life out of their own work, do not really understand what life is.

All they would ve understood is that once you 'chose' a partner, you fight with everybody / beat the opponents / buy the other one gifts / sms, phone and inform everything that happens in ur life everyday / cheeky roam arounds and permission to feel each other - in a nutshell, everything a hero and a heroin does in a film.
The point is, a person does not do all these things to fall in love. The person does all these things outta love - a massive difference.

Anyways, coming back to the worse part of that incident - the younger one is studying her 12th, the elder sis is working and her lover husband has been bedding ( sorry to use that word here ) the younger one while her elder sis is at work :( !
Now their mom has no support to bother, the elder one now understands the effects of a marriage with no backing from her parents / relatives but does not want a broken life while the younger one in her school believes that her "brother-in-law" is the "real love of her life" too !
The younger one told the same "love lines" to her sis - the same "love lines" that the elder one had used against her family - and the guy is pretty relaxed in all of these.

there is no "jihad" in what has happened above. and trust me, there is no "Love Trap" either.

all that happened was that the girls were all at sea when they got a chance to interact with other guys with nobody around policing them - the inverse effect of self-control took over - the movies and the hormones worked - and the rest is history.

a msg people - Our elders kept girls and boys away from each other because they conducted marriages at a pretty early age.
As well as you all recognize to change the marriage age these days, it would be prudent to understand that the more you keep something hidden, the more interesting it becomes, irrespective of whether it really has any value or not.

I saw another poster here suggesting the Jewish methodology of scheduling "dating" within the community ? I Disagree.

The more chances of us organizing community activities and the more the people of our community mingle with each other, the lesser they ll have to be afraid of being an "odd person out" in this society.

And when people form gangs of good friends around them who spend their time actively and productively, the infatuation of the "unknown and the hormones" takes a back seat.

We need more interactions and community activities to avoid these kind of unfortunate situations.

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