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UIDAI refutes reports of Aadhaar data snoop, says system secure

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So Wikileaks is being officially refuted!! We too hope that UIDAI is right!!

[h=1]UIDAI refutes reports of Aadhaar data snoop, says system secure[/h]August 27, 2017 17:57

The Unique Identification Authority of India today asserted that Aadhaar system has stringent security features to prevent any unauthorised capture or transmission of data, refuting reports that hinted at sensitive biometric data being allegedly accessed by certain foreign agencies.

The statement by the UIDAI came after WikiLeaks hinted that CIA had allegedly accessed the Aadhaar database.

Dismissing the allegations, UIDAI said Aadhaar biometric capture system has been "developed within our own country and it has adequate and robust security features to prevent any possibility of any such unauthorised capture and transmission of data regardless of any biometric device that may be used."

The UIDAI said that such "misinformation was being spread by certain "vested interests".

"Some vested interests are trying to spread misinformation that since 'Cross Match' is one of many devices which are being used in biometric devices by various registrars and agencies in Aadhaar ecosystem, the biometrics
being captured for Aadhaar are allegedly unauthorisedly accessed by others," the UIDAI statement said rejecting charges of data compromise.

Outlining the stringent checks and balances in UIDAI system, it said that any biometric device before being used in Aadhaar system is "thoroughly tested" internally and externally extensively by Standardised Testing Quality

Certification (STQC) and certified.

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