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Ubuntu 11.4

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Ubuntu 11.4 is the latest version of Linux. This is Free.

People generally think Linux is only for the technical people. Geeks. This is no longer true.

Ubuntu 11.4 can be installed within Windows 7.

Homepage | Ubuntu

The only problem you may face is downloading Ubuntu and making a bootable CD. But Ubuntu is available in many of the CDs which come with computer magazines.

There are a lot of advantages in using Linux. For one you do not have to bother about getting infected by a Virus and keep on updating Virus definitions and buying anti Virus software.

You do not have to install essential software. Ubuntu distro comes packed with essential software that you need for Dasily use. Like Libre Office (similar to Microsoft office and free) and Web Browser.-

You should also know about the Philosophy of Ubuntu. The concept of ubuntu traditionally runs counter to the creed of individualism of Western and US society. The name of this Linux distribution is taken from there.

Ubuntu (philosophy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Not open for further replies.

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