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Tum na jaane kis jahan mein kho gaye ?

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Hari, BAAM, Chintana, KRS, CIK, Mrifan, Gunja, Kudumi......where have you all disappeared ?

(For SF :
Tum = You
Na Jaane = Don't know where
Kis = Which
Jahan = World
Mein = in
Kho = Lost
Gaye = gone
Tu Naa Jaane Kis Jahan Mein Kho Gaye = Where have you got lost ?
Hum Badi Dunia Mein Tanha Ho Gaye = I have become all alone in this big world....

This is one of of the old hits by Lata Mangeshkar. I hope she needs no introduction.)

PS:- SURESH ==> She is the daughter of Pandit Hriday Nath Mangeshkar (!) who was a brahmin and a famous classical music exponent in his own right. Can't say whether she is vegetarian or not !
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Bahut Kaam hai, kya karen bhai

Hum to sarkari naukri mein nahin hain. Bus samay nahin milta hai, humne to trust ke liye paise bhej diya, baki ka kaam soch raha hun ki yahaan ke buzurgon to sambhaal lenge. Aaajkal paise se jyaada, samay ki kimat bahut hai. Parantu, har ek-do hafte mein yahaan par aata hun, jab bhi mauka milay. Bahut gehri baat bhi nahi chal rahi hai yehaan par.

Hum idherreech hain

Hari, BAAM, Chintana, KRS, CIK, Mrifan, Gunja, Kudumi......where have you all disappeared ?

LQ Sahab,

Duniya haseenon ka mela, mele mein yeh dil (bhi) akela.

Hum kaaahin naaahin gaye the...hum tho idhreeech the....vo ka hogaya na....ki hum karuthu mein apne boli lagane mein thoda vyasth ho gaye

(I am around, got a bit busy with postings in karuthu)

Udhar tho ek "phantom" ke saath mera 'kushthi' lag gaya (Got into a wrestling match with a phantom).

Ab, hum rahe LQ ke shishya, tho kushthi tukhra tho nahin sakthe. phir akhade mein khood ke thoda hamara kamaal dikhake aa gaye (Now i am LQ's sishya, how can i refuse a wrestling match, i had to jump in the fray & show my skills)

Also i am hurtling towards the 500 mark so had to slow down. The variety of topics at karuthu also kept me a bit more engrossed.
sirs- The standard of my hindi is like the english of the karunanidhi! so it will be helpful if LQ provides english transation of his hindi postings.

BTW i also went to karuthu, but i did not find it interesting. IMHO, there is more quality in this forum than in 'karuthu'.
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