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Treaty - one of the most powerful songs I heard.

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Respectable members,

Greetings. I live in Australia. While our whole family is made of Australian citizens, my daughter is born in Auatralia. For her, Australia is everything while India gets the next important position. She feels safe in Australia (it is hard to explain this. I feel safe in my village. 'Pa, you transform into a different person when we are in that village. You are unbelievable cool there!.... These were my daughter's comment when we went to the village together, just the two of us). So, Australia, Australian history, Australian people is important in our family.

1988 was the bi-centinal year. 200th year of European settlement in Australia.

Aboriginal people in Hobart protested the celebrations. (In Tasmania all the aboriginal people were wiped out by the Europeans. The last person to go down was a lady).

Aboriginal protest in Hobart against the Bicentennial celebrations, 1988

The Bi-Centinal celebrations took place all over Australia. The then Prime Minister, Mr.Bob Hawke visted Northern Territory in connection with the celebrations. It was Barunga Festival by the natives....

In 1988, as part of Bicentennial celebrations, Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke visited the Northern Territory for the Barunga festival where he was presented with a statement of Aboriginal political objectives by Galarrwuy Yunupingu and Wenten Rubuntja.[7]

Yothu Yindi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Barynga statement -


(It went to the Supreme Court).

the Barunga statement was presented to the then Prime Minister, Mr.Bob Hawke.

1988 Barunga Statement presented to Prime Minister Bob Hawke - Australia's Culture Portal

The Prime Minister promised...
Hawke responded to the Barunga Statement with a promise that a treaty would be concluded with Indigenous Australians by 1990
The promise was not kept. Aboriginal Australians protested in 1991, the following year after the promised date like this....

YouTube - TREATY

(My daughter danced for this song, on stage for this song in a saree. She wanted to maintain her roots...hence the saree!).

( One more version, here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPYHVFvMiNY&feature=related).

It earned country's attention overnight. One can read Government's reaction from here -

Yothu Yindi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One can read the powerful meaning of the song from here -

Yothu Yindi - Homeland Movement


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