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Travails of a migrant tamil family

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Kuchalambal had just packed off Vishwa and Gomati, her young tenant couple, to work. She had now retired to the balcony watching the street gearing up for the busy day ahead. Gomati had seemed sickly today, and had refused breakfast too. Her worried husband insisted that she miss work for the day, but was promptly turned down by a anxious Gomati, she was expected to be in office today for a important event. She was the Public relations In-charge and was responsible for organizing the event to be presided over by the MD. Finally Vishwa relented.
It was so fulfilling for Kuchalambal to watch the young ones dote over each other, reminded her of her own days after marriage. Within seven months of her marriage Pathabi landed a job in Delhi, a family friend had arranged for his employment, and in those days when jobs were hard to come by, it was the happiest news that the young couple could possibly expect.
It seemed like yesterday. First day of May 1964, the day when they landed in Karol Bagh, travel weary, holding a lone steel trunk and bed roll, and of course the tiffin carrier emptied of its contents of three days’ supply of Idly’s & Curd Rice.
The back breaking journey in the Grant Trunk Express with its innumerable stops, passengers boarding and de-boarding all though the various stations, the innumerable Chai & Coffee vendors, the fruit sellers and magazine vendors, excitement over the changing terrain they passed by, leaving the know, into unknown lands, was even now etched in her mind. Different languages, strange food the type of which they were hardly familiar with..............................read on at Kuchalambal's Diary
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I had to make sure before I entered this thread that
"Travails" is NOT a meddled product or "Travels"
by the meddlesome window phone. :)
Good luck and best wishes,
Mrs. V. R.
We quite often see the Young Woman's and Teen age girl's travails while travelling
in the City Buses as a common feature besides Young Widows in their life, when
they do not have adequate support from their relatives or kith and kins.

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