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Today-December 11 is Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s Birthday.

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Today-December 11 is Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s Birthday.

Celebrating Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiyar’s Birth day….


Source: Google images.
Poet C.Subramanya Bharathi was unique person in many respects. Well learned in Tamil and Sanskrit. His poems reflect his immence love towards his motherland and mother tongue.
Let us remember this great poet on his birthday today.

All he wanted was:
காணி நிலம் :

காணி நிலம் வேண்டும் - பராசக்தி
காணி நிலம் வேண்டும்; அங்கு
தூணில் அழகியதாய் - நன்மாடங்கள்
துய்ய நிறத்தினவாய் - அந்தக்
காணி நிலத்திடையே - ஓர் மாளிகை
கட்டித் தரவேண்டும் - அங்குக்
கேணியருகினிலே - தென்னைமரம்
கீற்று மிள நீரும்,
பத்துப் பனிரண்டு - தென்னைமரம்
பக்கத்திலே வேணும் - நல்ல
முத்துச் சுடர்போலே - நிலாவொளி
முன்பு வரவேணும்; அங்குக்
கத்துங் குயிலொசை - சற்றே வந்து
காதிற் படவேணும்; - என்றன்
சித்தம் மகிழ்ந்திடவே - நன்றாயிளந்
தென்றல் வரவேணும்
பாட்டுக் கலந்திடவே - அங்கேயொரு
பத்தினிப் பெண்வேணும் - எங்கள்
கூட்டுக் களியினிலே - கவிதைகள்
கொண்டுதர வேணும் - அந்தக்
காட்டு வெளியினிலே - அம்மா நின்றன்
காவலுற வேணும்; - என்றன்
பாட்டுத் திறத்தாலே - இஇவ்வையத்தைப்
பாலித்திட வேணும்..

Poet C.Subramanya Bharathi was unique person in many respects. Well learned in Tamil and Sanskrit. His poems reflect his immence love towards his motherland and mother tongue.
Let us remember this great poet on his birthday today.

All he wanted was:
காணி நிலம் :



Thanks for the response....that shows that you are a fans of his lyrics...

Though all the lyrics of his are gems, I love this one ..more particularly….the essence of which is …be bold and courageous….even the sky above were to break and fall….he preached to avoid fear during freedom struggle... as fear kills all our will power.

அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்ப தில்லையே
இச்சகத்து ளோரெலாம் எதிர்த்து நின்ற போதினும்,
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்பதில்லையே
துச்சமாக எண்ணி நம்மைச் தூறுசெய்த போதினும்
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்ப தில்லையே
பிச்சை வாங்கி உண்ணும் வாழ்க்கை பெற்று விட்ட போதிலும்
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்ப தில்லையே
இச்சைகொண்டே பொருளெலாம் இழந்துவிட்ட போதிலும்,
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்ப தில்லையே

கச்சணிந்த கொங்கை மாதர் கண்கள்வீசு போதினும்,
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்ப தில்லையே
நச்சைவாயி லே கொணர்ந்து நண்ப ரூட்டு போதினும்,
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்ப தில்லையே
பச்சையூ னியைந்த வேற் படைகள் வந்த போதினும்,
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்ப தில்லையே
உச்சிமீது வானிடிந்து வீழு கின்ற போதினும்,
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்ப தில்லையே
The reality.....with young generation..

[h=1]Do Chennai youth know about Bharathi (yaar)?[/h][h=1]By Divya N[/h]
Chennai: Eeshwar, a college student: “He is a poet and he is the person who wrote many poems regarding social issues. I don’t know much about him.”

Lokesh, college student: “I have read a few poems of his in school which was actually inspiring; it was against casteism, about equality, etc. But I don’t remember those poems now.”

Sindhuja, college student: “I don’t know when his birthday falls. All I know about him is that he was a poet and fought for people’s rights.”

These three students were talking about national poet Bharathiyar, who was born Chinnaswami Subramania Bharathi.

Today, 11 December, is his 135th birth anniversary and we tried to find out how much the younger generation knows about him.

The students the reporter spoke to conceded that they do get to study Bharathiyar during their school days, “But we tend to forget what we studied within a few years.”

Chennai, where he spent his last days, remembers him on his birth and death anniversary. Some organisations mark the days by holding events and competitions for youngsters. But does the essence of Bharathiyar’s works – he touched upon every aspect of life that are still relevant – sink into the minds and hearts of youngsters?

A member of NGO Nallor Vattam, Venkatesh, said, “Bharathiyar is not only a poet, he is a freedom fighter. He wrote a number of inspirational poems but at present many of the younger generation do not read his poems. It is sad that they have started to forget him. Instead of teaching the life story of Bharathiyar as just part of the school syllabus, the moral values that he preached must be taught to make the students better citizens of future society.”

Echoing his words, Madras Christian College Tamil professor, Akila Chandramauli, said,”Bharathiyar is an extraordinary poet whose songs are capable of penetrating one’s heart. His poems were based on nationalism, humanism, feminism, etc. We insist children not just study the songs which were written by Bharathiyar but also follow his sayings. His songs are not only for the kids (Odi Vilayadu Papa) but for everyone. For any change to happen in society, it must start with the children.”

Source : https://www.newstodaynet.com/index.php/2017/12/11/do-chennai-youth-know-about-bharathiyaar/
Dear Sri Balasubramani,
Oh Yes I am a great admirer of Mahakavi Bharathiar. My father had purchased the complete set of the first edition of his poems published by " பாரதி பிரசுராலயம் " , which I was told banned by the British regime.

This great poet lived for just 39 years. Within this short span he did wonders by his poems. He lived in absolute poverty.

When I was studying in Municipal elementary school, we were taught few Bharathi's songs. I loved all his poems but his

"பாரத சமுதாயம் வாழ்கவே" and

"கண்ணன் -- என் சேவகன்"----
"எங்கிருந்தோ வந்தான், ‘இடைச்சாதி நான்’ என்றான்;
“மாடுகன்று மேய்த்திடுவேன், மக்களைநான் காத்திடுவேன்;" and

சிந்து நதியின் மிசை நிலவினிலே சேர நன்னாட்டிளம் பெண்களுடனே சுந்தரத் தெலுங்கினில் ...
attracted me very much.
I wish our younger generation should read his writhings to understand that patriotism and social revolution is not new.
Thanks for taking me to reminise my younger days.
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