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to obtain a good job . Mantras or Sostrams.

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namaste sub.

I happened to post a reply to a similar query in HDF, so it comes handy here:

While I wish you well on your udyoga-prayatna--job-seeking efforts, I was able to find three mantras for you, which are supposed to be powerful when chanted with sincerity.

• The first is a mantra relating straight to your task of job-seeking. It is addressed to Goddess MahAlakShmI, adoring her with her various names:

श्रीदेवीहि अमृतोत् भूता-कमला-चन्द्रशोभना ।
विष्णुपत्नी वैष्णवीच वरारोहिच शार्ङ्गिणी ।
हरिप्रिया देवदेवी महालक्ष्मी च सुन्दरी ॥

shrIdevIhi amRutot bhUtA-kamalA-chandrashobhanA |
viShNupatnI vaiShNavIcha varArohicha shAr~ggiNI |
haripriyA devadevI mahAlakShmI cha sundarI ||

Goddess MahAlakShmI is shrIdevi--goddess of wealth;
she is amRuot bhUta kamala--bestower of immortality, siting on a red lotus;
she is viShNupatnI--ViShNu's consort, vaiShNavI--who worships ViShNu;
she is varArohI--handsome and elegant woman;
she is shArnggiNI, consort of shrIdhara;
she is haripriyA--beloved of Hari, devadevI--goddess of the Devas;
she is mahAlakShmI--the great LakShmI and sundarI--a beautiful woman.

Here is a suggestion on how to chant this mantra:
Job Consistency - IndusLadies

• This is a mantra to chant to succeed in any and all efforts.

नमोस्तु रामाय सलक्ष्मणाय देव्यै च तस्यै जनकात्मजायै ।
नमोस्तु रुद्रेन्द्र यमानिलेभ्यः नमोस्तु चन्द्रार्क मरुद्गनेभ्यः ॥ १३-६० ॥

namostu rAmAya salakShmaNAya devyai cha tasyai janakAtmajAyai |
namostu rudrendra yamAnilebhyaH namostu chandrArka marudganebhyaH || 13-60 ||

I bow to RAmA who is with LakShmaNa, SitA devI, daughter of (king) Janaka;
I bow to Rudra, Indra, VAyu, Chandran and SUrya.

Here is an audio recital of the mantra:
Namostu Ramaya Mantra Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji - YouTube

Found in the sundara kANDam of VAlmIki rAmAyaNam, this mantra was chanted by Hanuman when he was depressed, unable to find SItA anywhere as he flew over to SriLanka. As soon as he chants this mantra, he finds a route to the ashoka vanam, the grove of Ashoka trees where SItA was held captive by RAvaNa.

• Here is one more powerful invocation to God HanumAn:

असाध्यम् साधक स्वामिन् असाध्यम् तव किम् वद ।
रामदूत कृपा-सिन्धो मत्कार्यम् साधय प्रभो ॥

asAdhyam sAdhaka svAmin asAdhyam tava kim vada |
rAmadUta kRupA-sindho matkAryam sAdhaya prabho ||

asAdhyam sAdhaka svAmin--O Lord, you make impossible things possible,
asAdhyam tava kim vada--so, what is impossible for you, tell me!
rAmadUta kRupA-sindho--RAmA's messenger, and ocean of compassion,
matkAryam sAdhaya prabho--make my task become possible, Lord!

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