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To gain the friendship with poisonous reptiles, insects and animals

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Please download the attached text for exact version

To gain the friendship with poisonous reptiles, insects and animals

Hereunder I reproduced the text of a mantra chanted 2500 years ago. This was scribbled in Bower Manuscript, written by Jeevika son of Bimbi sara in B.C. 500.
The manuscript was edited by
A.F.Rodolf Hoernle, Bower Manuscript, published by Suptd of Government Press, Calcutta 1893 pp-234-235
I wish our members to see the script and make corrections and rewrite in Tamil script.

Virpakkēhi mê mettaṁ mettaṁ Êrápathehi mê
Chhabbyãputtêhimê metam kanhâ = gothamakehi cha
Apâdakêhime mettaṁ mettaṁ dipâdakêhimê
Chatuppadehimê mettaṁ mettaṁ bahuppadehimê
Ma maṁ̇ apâdako himsî ma maṁ̇ himsî dipadâkô
Ma maṁ̇ chatuppadô himsi mâ mȧṁ himsî bahubbade
Sabbê satta sabbê pânâ sabbê bhutacha kevalâ
Sabbê bhadrâni passantu ma kaň - chi papam agama
With the race of Viripaksha I keep friendship with the race of Erapatha; with the race of Chabbayaputta I keep friendship and with the race of Krishna and Gothamaka
With the footless I keep friendship, and friendship with the four footed I keep friendship and friendship with many footed
Let not the footless harm me nor harm me the two footed, let not the four footed harm me, nor harm me many footed
All exist all that live that entire live hereafter, one and all may they experience good things may none of them fall in sin.


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