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TN - Then & Now

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As Assembly elections in TN are round the corner, I thought it would be worthwhile to discuss TN Then and Now. TN had been pioneers in so many fields and it was the model State for all other states’ development. It is where first Hydro Electric Project came into being and in power transmission too it was first. Education got impetus there. It produced many administrators. The industrial estate conceived by RV became a model. No where in India you will see such an even development though it still has a few untouched virgin areas to see development. The state could have become model to many nations of the world thanks to so many MKs the concept of state development became self development to the administrators. Here too, DMK is the model for Shiv Sena in politics and self- aggrandizement, in confrontation or sponsoring pet projects. It has now lost all bargaining power to develop because the representatives are all happy with what they are doing!? The Centre is also happy because it has well entrenched stooges to take care of their interests even alternatively,too. Now you may have to scan in Delhi Secretariate to find out *******.
In his early days after separating from Periyar because of Maniammai incident (?), he addressed meetings. Asking for a direction of a place, they would (in the North) say “see the tall chimney, the place is there nearby”. Here (ie TN) see that Gopuram, it is there nearby. The speech alluded to industrialisation of the north and the opposite of the same in the South. “Tatas and Birlas are there in the North and none here! Another time, he would say “vadavar nammavarum illai and nallavarum illai”. Now question them about these? JJ also woed Reliance.

In industry, the brand names were, B&C mills, Ashok Leyland, Standard Cars, the ICF, cotton yarns, knitting industry, Sivakasi, and so on and so forth. TN is known for motor pumps and water pumps, compressors (all in Coimbatore) and other foundries. Many might or not, know in CBE, a large area north to 100ft road was bought by TATAs and the place came to be known as TatabAdh. The local people stoutly resisted them, and the place came to be known now as Tatabad. All these industries (except the ones in CBE) have been allowed to suffer or die, thanks to manipulating engineering by the MKs. Ponds has been taken over by Uniliver. In Electrical industry, like making components, Transformers, etc. TN has been a good source. Some new industries might have come up but they can be packed up like the street pitchers wrap up their wares to shift. AP, Bangaluru stole the show in IT business, though this industry can still boast of our people. The MKs have through their nose stiffled many industries. Whatever may be the outcome of the coming elections, the voters should review the state of their state. :decision:

I think your post as an unfair nostalgic piece. Even before RV, india had models of developments in Bombay. Coimbatore since the 1930s, thanks to the nayudu community had built up an industrial base based on engineering parts and cotton mills.

All the erstwhile ‘greats’ of madras ie b&c and standard cars: B&C never reinvested their money in modern machinery and died because they deserved it. Standard cars projduced junk cars that would not sell. It was not government’s fault.

The real development of tamil nadu came with the millennium. We have to thank both J & MK for their excellent efforts in bringing brand new world class cutting edge technology industries to tamil nadu. Hyundai, ford, Nissan, etc are all current world class factories producing cars for export. The cell phone industry like nokia again are world class (thanks to Maran for this).

We are not #1 in IT but rank a good #2, ahead of AP, which held the #2 spot under chandrababu naidu.

Whatever may be the political shenanigans of our ruling crowd, they have done well to attract investments and SEZ. Which provide employment, generates wealth. Each factory job supports supports so many anciliary jobs starting from raw materials to the press wala in the street corner.

The per capita gnp in tamil nadu is three times that of bimaru states. One only needs to go across the vindhyas to see the backwardness even in prominent cities like Varanasi or gaya.

Ofcourse as tambrams, we are not part of this development officially, except maybe ias officers. But looking around my relatives & friends still in tamil nadu, all, appear to be doing well and upwardly regularly mobile with regular upgrades re flats, cars, children education and holiday trips.

We can all agree not to like MK or like J. but give credit to get administration. Just atleast from a fairness angle.
[FONT=&quot]Shri Kunjappu Sir,
[FONT=&quot]I agree there were industries established in Bombay and in Punjab before. Shri GD Naidu wrote his own saga in Coimbatore about WWII time. ‘6’Morning’ razor blade was made by his enterprise. In Mumbai textile industry bloomed as also in Ahmedabad. These were are all developments by individual or private enterprises. What RV started was a State initiation involving and inviting able people to participate. Those were industries that could sustain themselves, grow and develop.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]B&C was negotiating for modernising. In fact DMK was negotiating on the issue, but conflicting interests succeeded in burying the wellknown export-oriented set up. What happened there also happened in Mumbai. The poor mill workers because of their foolishness are still suffering and manage to make a public agitation once in a while. In both the cases the govt winked at the closing. There was no political will to retain them as industrialists could keep both the opposing political parties in good humour. What you say about Standard Car is surprise to me. I have travelled miles and miles in the car from North to South in TN which was (a pleasure car) almost like Maruti 800. You know it was favourite vehicle in Poona those days. Fiat and Hindustan were also good cars in their own right. These were established and self-generating and development oriented industry. Yes new car makers from abroad have come and set up their shops which can be wrapped up in a month on slightest pretext. If they shift, what one might see is an open ground for real estate development! These developments are of course results of modern planning. The Westerners and the Easterners eye India for pitching shops because they find it is not a ‘Timbuktoo’, but has able hands and basic floors for investment which were developed by our nascent industries. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]As is the time so is development. Many cutting edge technology industries have come because other states are also in the race. But because of your preestablished structures, you clinch the deals fast. We should admit Bengaluru and Hyderabad caught up faster with IT. We have come to # 2 spot in IT by default as Chandrababu Naidu lost power. Talking of Maran fly, I would say they are the odd people in DMK and maybe having tough times with their masters. To compare TN with BIMARU is not fair. The comparison should be with Maharashtra, Gujarart, Punjab or at worst WB. The BIMARU states had no visionary leaders and they were happy with their Thakurs and Sri Raam Kahani. Every State has had Industry minister to boast and only a very few of them worked. In textile industry all the big names have gone including “Only Vimal” and small industries meet the demands where the quality is of course not consistent. Take L&T the engineering giant, it is still a giant inspite of its so many well trained people getting out and starting their own. There are numerous instances where TN is short-changed. We cannot be the levers to dislodge the rocks of MKs (munnetra kazhagams) but be just fulcrums so that the worms can possibly come to light. We cannot fault MK for his anti-Brahmin stance but the intensity of his venting venom only hurts. Not the harm to our community but to TN is what calls for a change. In TN certain names are anathema but it does not alter anything. [/FONT]

i agree with your last two lines about MK. at 86 he can be magnanimous towards the tambrams, whom he has defeated times and times over. i am sort of disappointed that he raises the brahmin bogey again; not that it has meaning or resounding reception as of old. but the fact that he still does, is a shame to MK.

RV started two industrial estates - guindy & ambattur. today there are 100s of them in tamil nadu. RV's estates were modelled after the family owned workshop groups of ludhiana, which itself was a copy from post war japan. nothing wrong in copying. except we could not have rested our laurels on those guindy and ambattur alone. that's all i am saying.

again, i agree, had chandrababu or even rajashekhar had been alive, AP had a good chance to beat TN. infact i had earlier stated in this very forum, about YRR's initiative in gudur and nellore, re developing those ports as anciliary to chennai port. very clever move, to take advantage of proximity to chennai. same as TN took advantage of hosure proximity to B'lore.

automobile industry till 1990s was looked upon as a vehicle for the rich. mass transportation, and along with it the accompanying jobs, industrialization and mobility was overlooked. one car feeds about 50 families through the various manufacturing process.

incidentally tata may have missed the pulse of indians in the nano. i asked several folks in india why they did not buy a nano. almost all answers, is that 'to own a car is a sign of having "arrived"'. nano is just not enough a car to send to the community THAT message. maybe nano will do better abroad than in india.

btw, hearty congrats to you for inspiring the indian team for a great victory. jai hind. hai iyya!!
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